Routing NumberAddressCityState
1064108647P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
2081504651P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
3082900937PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
4082901428PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
5082903293PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
6082907202PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
7082907888PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
8084304243P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
9084309015P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
10086506955P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
11086518723P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
12086519311P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
Routing NumberAddressCityState
1081006052PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
2081017342PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
3081017711PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
4081507072PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
6082001247PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
7082901062PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
8082901855PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
9082901868PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
10082901907P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
11082904166P.O. BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
12082906494P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
13082907383PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
14082908777PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
15084107628P O BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR
16301171230PO BOX 7009PINE BLUFFAR


An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution that payment transfers should be routed through on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Routing numbers are essential for processing all kinds of electronic payments and transfers, including direct deposits, online bill payments, wire transfers, and more.

In this article, we will be focusing on the ACH routing number for Simmons First National Bank, a regional bank based primarily in Arkansas. We’ll look at what the routing number is, where to find it, and how to utilize it properly for ACH transfers. Gaining a strong understanding of ACH routing numbers and how they work allows you to leverage electronic payments efficiently.

What is an ACH Routing Number

An ACH routing number is a unique identifier assigned to financial institutions within the ACH network, which facilitates electronic movement of money. It ensures that payments get routed precisely from the originating bank to the correct receiving bank and account.

The ACH network is run by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and the Federal Reserve. It provides the infrastructure for ubiquitous electronic transactions in the United States.

Purpose of ACH Routing Numbers

ACH routing numbers serve several key purposes:

  • Identify financial institutions to route transfers through the ACH network appropriately
  • Enable error-free delivery of ACH payments
  • Allow seamless electronic movement of money between accounts
  • Link bank accounts with financial institutions
  • Facilitate direct deposits, online bill pay, wire transfers, and other ACH transactions

Overview of Simmons First National Bank

Simmons First National Bank is an Arkansas state-chartered financial institution founded in 1903. It operates over 200 branches across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

With assets exceeding $22 billion, it is the largest publicly traded bank holding company headquartered in Arkansas. Simmons Bank offers a full range of consumer and business banking products and services.

Simmons First National Bank ACH Routing Number

What is the ACH Routing Number for Simmons First National Bank?

The ACH routing number for Simmons First National Bank is like format 081103282.

This 9-digit code uniquely identifies Simmons First National Bank on the ACH network. It should be used for any ACH transfers, direct deposits, or other electronic payments involving accounts held at Simmons Bank.

Where to find the ACH Routing Number on a check

The ACH routing number can be easily located on the bottom left corner of any check issued by Simmons First National Bank.

It is the set of numbers to the left of the account number and check number. On a Simmons First Bank check, it appears in this format: 081103282

Uses of the Simmons First National Bank ACH Routing Number

The main uses of the Simmons First National Bank ACH routing number include:

  • Setting up direct deposit of payroll, government benefits, or other income streams
  • Authorizing electronic bill payments through online banking
  • Sending or receiving ACH transfers between Simmons Bank accounts and external accounts
  • Processing automatic loan payments
  • Transferring funds via wire transfer
  • Linking Simmons First accounts to third-party apps and services

Providing the correct routing number helps ensure seamless transactions involving a Simmons First National Bank account.

How ACH Routing Numbers Work

ACH Network roles

ACH routing numbers allow the ACH network’s core participants to quickly communicate and transfer money:

  • Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI): The bank that initiates an ACH transaction on behalf of its client.
  • ACH Operator: Clearing houses like the Federal Reserve that facilitate ACH transactions.
  • Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI): The bank that receives the payment and deposits it into the intended account.

How ACH transactions work

An ACH payment works through these basic steps:

  1. The Originating Bank receives payment instructions from their client through channels like online banking.
  2. The Originating Bank forwards the transaction to an ACH Operator.
  3. The ACH Operator uses the routing number to identify the Receiving Bank.
  4. The Receiving Bank credits the funds to the recipient’s account accordingly.

Importance of accurate ACH Routing Numbers

Providing correct ACH routing numbers is crucial for successful payments. Inaccurate routing numbers can lead to:

  • Delays in transfers
  • Rejection of payments
  • Misdirected funds
  • Fees for failed transactions
  • Overall friction and errors

Accurate routing numbers keep the ACH network running smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of ACH Payments and Transfers

ACH offers many advantages over paper checks and other payment methods:

Speed and efficiency

ACH enables near real-time transfers and direct deposits. It is significantly faster than checks, which can take several days to clear. This improves cash flow for consumers and businesses.

Cost savings

ACH transfers cost substantially less per transaction than paper checks. It eliminates expenses like postage, check stock, and processing paperwork.


ACH offers top-grade security protocols for electronic payments. All transactions are encrypted and use verification measures to prevent fraud.

Flexibility and options

ACH supports one-time payments, recurring transfers, direct deposits, collections, and a wide array of payment types. Users have extensive control over payments.

Tips for Using the Simmons First National Bank ACH Routing Number

Confirm routing number accuracy

Always double-check that you have the right ACH routing number for Simmons First National Bank before initiating any transfers. Incorrect numbers can sabotage transactions.

Keep routing number handy

Save the ACH routing number for Simmons Bank in your address book, payments apps, or anywhere else you may need it for smooth transactions.

Setup recurring transfers

Leverage the routing number to create convenient scheduled transfers between your accounts. This automates your finances.

Utilize for direct deposits

Provide the Simmons Bank routing number to employers or benefits providers to safely direct deposit funds into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can I use the routing number for wire transfers and checks?

Yes, the ACH routing number also works for incoming and outgoing wire transfers involving Simmons First Bank. It is also printed on the bottom of checks for processing checks through the check clearing system.

FAQ 2: Where can I find the routing number without a check?

You can also locate the Simmons Bank routing number by logging into online/mobile banking, looking at a bank statement, or contacting their customer service center.

FAQ 3: Can I use one routing number for all my Simmons Bank accounts?

Yes, the same ACH routing number applies across all checking, savings, and other accounts held at Simmons First National Bank.

FAQ 4: How do I know if an ACH transfer worked correctly?

You can confirm an ACH payment went through by checking your Simmons Bank account to ensure the funds were debited or deposited as expected within the standard 1-3 business day timeframe.

FAQ 5: Is there a fee for ACH transfers at Simmons Bank?

No, Simmons First National Bank does not charge any fees for incoming or outgoing ACH transfers. This makes ACH an economical option.


In summary, the ACH routing number is an integral component for smooth electronic payments involving Simmons First National Bank accounts. Always use the assigned routing number 081103282 is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number) for any ACH transactions with Simmons Bank. Providing this number accurately helps payments succeed on the first attempt.

ACH enables fast, affordable, and secure transfers that simplify your banking. Use Simmons Bank’s routing number to leverage ACH for direct deposits, bill pay, online transfers, and automating finances. Double-checking the accuracy of routing numbers protects against errors. With a basic understanding of how ACH routing works through banks like Simmons First, you can harness electronic payments to maximize convenience and cash flow.

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