Routing NumberAddressCityState
10530121972430 MALL DRN. CHASSC
20531122042430 MALL DRN. CHASSC
30532009832430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
40532018692430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
50532022792430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
60532079022430 MALL DRN. CHASSC
70532079312430 MALL DRIVEN CHASSC
80532079602430 MALL DRN. CHASSC
90532079862430 MALL DRN. CHASSC
100532080402430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
110532739812430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
12053274090P O BOX 1287ORANGEBURGSC
130532741132430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
140532741392430 MALL DRIVEN CHASSC
150532741682430 MALL DRIVEN CHASSC
160539081882430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
170611025492440 MALL DRCHASSC
180611033572430 MALL DRIVEN CHASSC
190611038522440 MALL DRCHASSC
200611043142430 MALL DRIVEN. CHASSC
210611056852440 MALL DRCHASSC
220611209612430 MALL DRIVEN CHASSC
230612044632440 MALL DRCHASSC
240612046542440 MALL DRCHASSC
250612049002440 MALL DRCHASSC
262532719452430 MALL DRN. CHASSC
272532720702430 MALL DRN CHASSC
282532739012430 MALL DRN. CHASSC
292611904902440 MALL DRCHASSC


An ACH routing number is an important piece of information used to facilitate various financial transactions through the Automated Clearing House network. This 9-digit number helps identify the specific financial institution that holds an account. For customers of South State Bank, knowing the proper routing number is essential to ensure smooth processing of transactions.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies a financial institution when processing electronic fund transfers. It acts like a ZIP code, directing payments to the correct bank for delivery to the appropriate account. The routing number is the first 9 digits that appear on the bottom left corner of a check. It’s also used for wire transfers, direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated cleared house (ACH) transactions.

Purpose of Bank Routing Numbers

Routing numbers enable the electronic transfer of money between banks quickly and accurately. They appear on checks and facilitate the electronic clearing of checks and automated payments. Routing numbers:

  • Identify the bank holding an account
  • Route payments to the correct financial institution
  • Enable prompt clearing and crediting of funds
  • Allow for smooth automated processing of transactions

Without bank routing numbers, it would be extremely difficult to transfer funds electronically between banks or set up automatic payments and direct deposits.

Structure and Components of Routing Numbers

Routing numbers are comprised of nine digits structured in a very specific way:

  • First 4 digits – Federal Reserve Routing Symbol
  • Next 4 digits – Bank identifier
  • Final digit – Checksum

The first two digits of the federal routing symbol identify one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks that clears checks for the bank. The next two digits denote the specific Federal Reserve Bank district branch that services the bank.

The fourth through seventh digits identify the bank and state. The eighth digit is referred to as a “checksum digit”, calculated using an algorithm on the previous digits to catch errors.

About South State Bank

Overview and History

South State Bank is a regional community bank headquartered in Winter Haven, Florida with over 160 locations across the southeastern United States. Founded in 1933 as First National Bank, it adopted the name South State Bank in 1970.

South State provides banking, mortgage, trust, investment, and wealth management services to consumer and business customers. It serves over 500,000 customers and manages $17 billion in assets. The bank holds an A+ health rating from

South State Bank Locations

South State Bank operates branches across Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. In Florida, it has over 60 locations spanning from Miami to the Panhandle. The bank’s South Carolina branches extend from the Upstate to the Coastal region.

In North Carolina, South State has a strong presence in the Charlotte metro area as well as branches in the Triad and Triangle regions. The bank also maintains over a dozen branches in Georgia clustered around the Augusta, Savannah, and Valdosta markets.

Products and Services Offered

South State Bank provides full-service retail and commercial banking solutions including:

  • Checking, savings, money market and CD accounts
  • Mortgage lending and refinancing
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • Credit cards
  • Personal, auto, and business loans
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Treasury management and merchant services
  • Wealth management and financial planning

The bank offers sophisticated treasury management, capital markets, and corporate trust services to commercial clients. South State’s wealth management arm provides brokerage, trusts, IRAs and insurance products.

South State Bank’s Routing Number

Where to Find the Routing Number

The routing number for South State Bank is like a format 053908188. This 9-digit number can be found in several places:

  • Bottom left corner of checks issued by South State Bank
  • Direct deposit instructions provided by South State Bank
  • Bank deposit slips
  • Bank account statement
  • Bank website footer or about pages

Customers can also call South State Bank or visit a branch to inquire about the routing number for verification.

Uses of South State Bank’s Routing Number

South State Bank’s routing number is essential for:

  • Setting up direct deposits of paychecks or benefits into a South State Bank account
  • Paying bills electronically from a South State Bank account
  • Wiring funds transfers from other institutions to South State Bank accounts
  • Processing ACH transactions originating from South State Bank accounts

By including the routing number on related paperwork or payment instructions, customers enable smooth transfers directly to and from their South State Bank accounts.

Confirming the Validity of the Routing Number

To confirm the accuracy of South State Bank’s routing number, customers can:

  • Verify digits on a paper check issued by South State Bank
  • Check direct deposit or wire transfer paperwork from South State Bank
  • Look for verification on the South State Bank website or mobile app
  • Use the Federal Reserve Bank Services online look-up tool
  • Call South State Bank directly to speak with a representative

Taking these steps provides certainty that the routing number is correct for seamless electronic payments and funds transfers.

Using South State Bank’s Routing Number

Setting up Direct Deposit with the Routing Number

The first step in setting up direct deposit is to provide your employer or benefits provider with South State Bank’s routing number. This number identifies the destination bank for deposit of your recurring payments.

You’ll also need to provide your South State Bank account number. The routing number goes with the account number to direct every payment into your designated account.

With the routing number, your employer can establish automated clearing house credits into your checking or savings account on each payday. This provides quick, convenient access to your payroll without waiting for a check to clear.

Paying Bills with South State Bank’s Routing Number

South State Bank customers can pay bills directly from their checking or savings accounts by providing payees with the bank’s routing number and their South State account number.

Utility companies, credit card issuers, telecommunications providers and other service companies accept such account information to set up online or automatic recurring payments. Customers avoid late fees, save time writing and mailing checks, and gain peace of mind with automated payments.

Wiring Money Transfers using the Routing Number

The routing number enables domestic or international wire transfers to be sent and received via South State Bank. Include South State’s routing number and account number when filling out a wire transfer form through the bank.

For incoming wires to a South State account, provide the sender with South State’s routing number and your account number. This ensures the funds are quickly directed to your account.

Processing ACH Transactions

South State Bank’s routing transit number enables you to easily process ACH debits and credits. For example, providing authorization and South State’s routing information makes recurring membership dues, charitable donations, or automatic bill payments possible from your account.

Your routing number is also necessary when allowing merchants to debit your South State account for electronic check conversions at the point of sale. Online account-to-account transfers between South State Bank and other institutions also rely on accurate routing numbers.

Benefits of Using South State Bank’s Routing Number

Efficiency and Convenience

South State Bank’s routing number enables convenient direct deposit of your paycheck and government benefits. No more waiting for checks to clear! Automatic bill pay saves time writing and mailing payments. Online transfers and wire transfers are quick and easy with the right routing details.


Routing numbers allow for secure electronic financial transactions. Automated clearing house (ACH) payments let money transfer between banks without transmitting sensitive account details. The limited information required helps reduce the risk of fraud or identity theft compared to checks or cash.

Avoiding Errors

Mistakes from misdirected deposits or wrongly routed transfers are prevented by using South State Bank’s valid routing number. Typos can lead to bounced payments, but double-checking and validating the 9-digit code helps avoid problems. Accurate routing numbers mean without error transactions.

FAQs about South State Bank’s Routing Number

Where can I find South State Bank’s routing number?

South State Bank’s routing number is 053908188. It can be found at the bottom of checks, on direct deposit forms, bank statements, the bank’s website, or by calling a South State representative.

How do I use South State’s routing number for direct deposit?

Provide your employer or benefits provider with South State Bank’s routing number and your South State account number. This enables them to automatically deposit payroll, Social Security or other recurring payments.

What if I notice an error in the routing number?

If you notice a discrepancy, confirm South State Bank’s routing number by checking your checks, bank paperwork or contacting the bank directly. Using an incorrect routing number can cause transactions to be misdirected or rejected.

Is South State Bank’s routing number the same for all branch locations?

Yes, South State Bank uses the same routing number 053908188 for all its branch locations and accounts across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Can I use South State’s routing number for online account-to-account transfers?

Yes, South State Bank’s routing number allows you to conveniently transfer funds between your South State account(s) and accounts at other banks through online banking.


In summary, South State Bank’s routing number (053908188) plays an essential role in facilitating various financial transactions for customers. By using this 9-digit identifier for tasks like setting up direct deposit, wiring funds, paying bills automatically, or processing ACH transfers, South State Bank customers benefit from convenience and security. Double-checking the accuracy of the bank’s routing number helps avoid costly errors. South State’s routing number enables quick, smooth electronic payments integral to modern banking and finance.

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