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3081304615811 MAIN STJASPERIN
5083904563811 MAIN STJASPERIN
7083907324811 MAIN STJASPERIN
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What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution from which an electronic transfer pulls funds. It directs ACH and wire transfers to the correct bank account during automated clearing house transactions.

The routing number allows transfers to be processed smoothly and accurately between banks. This number is assigned by the American Bankers Association and uniquely identifies the bank holding the account.

Routing numbers are also known as ABA numbers or RTNs (routing transit numbers). They serve as a sort of address to tell transfers where to go, similar to a ZIP code directing mail.

Components of a Routing Number

ACH routing numbers are comprised of a few key components:

  • Federal Reserve Routing Symbol – The first 4 digits identify the Federal Reserve Bank that holds the bank’s master account. This determines where the bank clears its payments.
  • ABA Institution Identifier – The next 4 digits identify the specific bank holding the account.
  • Non-significant Digit – The last digit is a numeric check digit used to validate the routing number.

Purpose of Bank Routing Numbers

Routing numbers serve many important purposes:

  • Route ACH transfers, wire transfers, checks, and other payments to the correct financial institution
  • Allow smooth electronic fund transfers between banks
  • Identify financial institutions holding accounts
  • Enable error checking via the check digit

About German American Bancorp

German American Bancorp, Inc. is a regional banking holding company based in Jasper, Indiana. It is the third largest independent bank holding company in Indiana.

The company operates over 50 banking offices across Southern Indiana and Kentucky, with over $5 billion in assets. Its banks offer full-service retail and commercial banking services.

History of German American Bancorp

German American Bancorp was founded in 1910 as The Southern Indiana Bank and Trust Company. It has grown through various mergers and acquisitions over the past century.

Key events in the company’s history include:

  • 1919 – Renamed The German-American Bank after merging with Citizens Bank of Gentryville
  • 1964 -Opened first branch in Dale, IN
  • 1993 – Acquired American Community Banks
  • 2010 – Changed name to German American Bancorp, Inc.
  • 2012 – Acquired American Community Bancshares, Inc.

Today, it continues to operate banks, investment advisors, and insurance agencies to serve local communities.

German American Bank Services

German American Bancorp offers full banking services including:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • CDs and IRAs
  • Consumer and business loans
  • Credit cards
  • Trust and wealth management
  • Insurance and annuities
  • Online and mobile banking

It provides responsive, personalized service focused on individual customers and communities.

German American Bancorp’s Routing Number

German American Bancorp’s routing number is 074914274.

This 9-digit code uniquely identifies German American Bancorp and directs ACH transfers and payments to the correct accounts.

Locating the Routing Number

This routing number can be found on the bottom left of German American Bancorp checks and deposit slips.

The routing number will appear between the account number and check number

It may also be available through German American Bancorp’s online banking platform or by contacting a branch location directly.

Uses of German American’s Routing Number

German American Bancorp’s routing number has a few key uses:

  • Setting up direct deposit for paychecks or benefits
  • Establishing automatic bill pay through a checking account
  • Wiring funds or sending wire transfers
  • Transmitting accurate electronic payments to a German American account
  • Distinguishing German American accounts from others

Tips for Proper Use

When using German American’s routing number, be sure to:

  • Double check that the number is 074914274 before initiating any transfers.
  • Take care when handwriting the number to avoid confusing certain digits like 3 and 8.
  • Verify with German American that the routing number is still accurate and active if setting up a new automatic payment program.
  • Check statements regularly to ensure transfers using the routing number are posting to the correct account.
  • Contact German American Bancorp with any questions or issues related to transfers involving the routing number.

How ACH Transactions Work

ACH stands for “automated clearing house,” which is an electronic network that coordinates electronic payments and money transfers between banks.

Routing numbers play a key role in facilitating these transfers.

Process Overview

Here is a basic overview of how ACH transfers work:

  1. The originator initiates a transfer, providing the routing number of the receiving bank.
  2. The ACH operator uses the routing number to transmit the transfer details to the receiving bank.
  3. The receiving bank credits or debits the account as directed.
  4. The receiving bank then sends back a confirmation that the transaction posted successfully.
  5. ACH settlements occur in batches once or twice per day to finalize transfers.

Timing of ACH Transfers

ACH transfers do not occur instantly – it takes at least one business day for an ACH transfer to fully settle between banks.

  • Same-day ACH – Available for certain transfers meeting criteria; posts within hours
  • Next-day ACH – Most common; posts on the next business day
  • 2-3 day transfers – For low-value, non-urgent transfers

Common ACH Transaction Types

Common transactions that utilize bank routing numbers over ACH include:

  • Direct deposit of payroll, Social Security, and other benefits
  • Automatic bill payments for utilities, loans, subscriptions, etc.
  • Business-to-business payments like vendor payments
  • Transfers between accounts at different banks
  • Tax refunds and other government payments
  • Peer-to-peer transfers like Venmo or Zelle

Benefits of Using ACH Payments

Using ACH transfers and bank routing numbers provides many benefits:

Cost Savings

ACH payments are significantly cheaper than wire transfers or checks. They avoid costly processing and handling fees.

Ease of Use

ACH allows easy automated recurring transfers on a set schedule. This simplifies payroll, bills, and other routine payments.


The ACH network is generally reliable and secure. Errors are rare when routing numbers are used properly.

Fast Settlement

Settlement via ACH is faster than waiting for checks and other methods. Most transfers settle next-day.

For recurring or high-volume transfers, ACH with routing provides efficiency and convenience.

Best Practices When Using Routing Numbers

Follow these tips for proper use of bank routing numbers:

Verify Accuracy

Double check routing numbers to ensure no digit is transposed or incorrect. Incorrect numbers can cause rejected transfers and fees.

Protect Sensitive Information

Treat routing numbers like other sensitive financial data. Do not provide them to untrusted parties and dispose of them securely when no longer needed.

Report Any Errors

If an error occurs mid-transfer or funds are misdirected, contact your bank promptly to report it and have corrections made.

Confirm Details

Take care to enter account numbers, amounts, and other details accurately to avoid issues. Confirm recurring transfer details are up to date.

Understand Proper Use

Consult your bank on proper use cases for routing numbers to avoid misuse or transfers being rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a routing number and account number?

Routing numbers identify the bank itself while account numbers identify the individual account that belongs to the customer. Routing numbers route payments, account numbers specify which account receives the credit or debit.

Where can I find my bank’s routing number?

Routing numbers are located on the bottom of checks and deposit slips, available on bank websites, or can be obtained by contacting your bank directly.

Can I use routing numbers from other banks?

Routing numbers are specific to each financial institution – you can only use routing numbers for banks where you hold accounts.

What happens if I enter an incorrect routing number?

Entering an incorrect routing number may result in your payment being misdirected or rejected entirely. Double check routing numbers to avoid errors.

Do all electronic bank transfers use routing numbers?

Yes, routing numbers allow ACH transfers as well as wire transfers and direct deposits to be directed to the correct financial institution and account.


In summary, a bank’s routing number serves as an essential address and identifier for facilitating ACH transfers between accounts and institutions. German American Bancorp’s routing number 074914274 can be used to properly route electronic payments to accounts held there. Understanding routing numbers helps ensure smooth electronic fund transfers.

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