ACH US Routing Number – CAPITAL BANK

Routing NumberAddressCityState
2053012087SUITE 5MIAMIFL
3053102191SUITE 5MIAMIFL
4053103637SUITE 5MIAMIFL
5053110374SUITE 5MIAMIFL
6053110633SUITE 5MIAMIFL
7053111810SUITE 5MIAMIFL
8053112042SUITE 5MIAMIFL
9053112055SUITE 5MIAMIFL
10053112068SUITE 5MIAMIFL
11053112097SUITE 5MIAMIFL
12053112136SUITE 5MIAMIFL
13053112217SUITE 5MIAMIFL
15053208037SUITE 5MIAMIFL
16053908081SUITE 5MIAMIFL
19063115372SUITE 5MIAMIFL
200640091443618 W JACKSON EXT.TUPELOMS
21064103914SUITE 5MIAMIFL
22064104379SUITE 5MIAMIFL
23064201832SUITE 5MIAMIFL
24064203021SUITE 5MIAMIFL
25064205087SUITE 5MIAMIFL
27067011760SUITE 5MIAMIFL
28067014343SUITE 5MIAMIFL
291120938088700 MONTANA AVE.EL PASOTX
36264071752SUITE 5MIAMIFL
37264172156SUITE 5MIAMIFL
38267090691SUITE 5MIAMIFL

If you need to send or receive an Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment from a Capital Bank account, you’ll need the correct ACH routing number. This unique nine-digit number identifies Capital Bank and enables money transfers via the ACH network. In this article, we’ll explain what an ACH routing number is, provide Capital Bank’s routing number, outline how ACH payments work, and offer tips for using Capital Bank’s routing number properly.

Capital Bank is a community bank based in Laurel, Mississippi. Founded in 1897, it serves the Pine Belt region with branches across southern Mississippi. Capital Bank offers a full range of banking services for personal and business customers.

What is an ACH Routing Number?


An ACH routing number is a nine-digit code that identifies the financial institution from which a payment is coming or going. It’s like the bank’s address for electronic payments. The routing number tells the ACH network where to direct the money transfer.


Routing numbers enable automated clearing house (ACH) transfers to take place seamlessly between banks. Rather than using paper checks, ACH payments move money electronically between accounts. This allows for faster, more secure transactions.


ACH routing numbers always contain nine digits. They’re broken into three parts:

  • Federal Reserve Routing Symbol – The first four digits identify the Federal Reserve Bank that holds the financial institution’s master account.
  • FDIC Institution Identifier – The next four digits signal the financial institution itself.
  • Non-significant Digit – The last digit is used internally by the bank. It has no meaning outside of the financial institution.

Capital Bank’s ACH Routing Number

Obtaining Capital Bank’s Routing Number

Capital Bank’s routing number for ACH transfers is 031207937.

This unique nine-digit code can be found:

  • At the bottom of checks issued by Capital Bank accounts
  • By contacting Capital Bank’s customer service department
  • On Capital Bank’s website

Uses for Capital Bank’s Routing Number

The main use of Capital Bank’s ACH routing number is to send or receive electronic payments to/from Capital Bank accounts.

You would use Capital Bank’s routing number when:

  • Setting up direct deposit of your paycheck
  • Establishing automatic bill pay from your Capital Bank checking account
  • Sending or receiving ACH payments through your bank’s online portal
  • Transferring funds electronically through services like PayPal

Providing Capital Bank’s routing number authorizes the electronic movement of money to/from your Capital Bank account.

How ACH Transactions Work

Sending Payments

To send an ACH payment using Capital Bank’s routing number:

  1. Log into your bank account and initiate a transfer to an outside account.
  2. Enter the routing number of the receiving bank.
  3. Enter the account number where you want the money sent.
  4. Your bank sends the payment details through the ACH network for delivery.

Receiving Payments

To have payments deposited into your Capital Bank account:

  1. Provide payers with Capital Bank’s routing number and your account number.
  2. Payers initiate electronic payments to your account by supplying your routing and account numbers.
  3. Payments transfer securely through the ACH system.
  4. Capital Bank credits the money to your account.

Benefits of ACH Payments

Compared to paper checks, ACH payments offer:

  • Faster Transfers: Money moves instantly rather than taking days to clear.
  • Lower Costs: Transactions are handled electronically for less cost.
  • Greater Security: Payments pass electronically rather than mailing paper checks.
  • Easier Reconciliation: Electronic payments are easily searchable in bank statements.
  • Environmental Savings: ACH reduces paper waste and carbon emissions.

Tips for Using Capital Bank’s Routing Number

Confirm Routing Number Before Initiating Transfers

Before sending any ACH transfers using Capital Bank’s routing number, validate the nine-digit code. Make sure you use the correct routing number assigned specifically to Capital Bank. Entering an incorrect routing number could lead to payment delays or having your money sent to the wrong account.

Keep Routing Number Secure

Treat your routing number like you would a credit card number or bank account login credentials. Do not share your routing number publicly. Only provide it to trusted recipients of your ACH payments. Fraudsters can potentially use routing numbers to steal money from your accounts.

Contact Bank with Questions

If you have any doubts about Capital Bank’s routing number or how to use it properly, get in touch with their customer service department. The bank can look up your specific routing number, explain how ACH transfers work, and answer security questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Capital Bank’s telephone number?

Capital Bank’s customer service can be reached at 1-877-565-2265.

Does Capital Bank charge fees for ACH transfers?

Capital Bank does not charge fees for incoming ACH transfers. Outgoing ACH transfers may incur a fee depending on the type of transaction. Contact Capital Bank to confirm any fees related to electronic payments.

How do I find the routing number on a check?

Capital Bank’s routing number can be found at the bottom left corner of checks, following the nine digit account number. It will be the first nine digits to the right of the check number.

Can I use Capital Bank’s routing number for wire transfers?

No, you cannot use an ACH routing number to send wire transfers. Wires require a different ABA routing number assigned specifically for wire transfers.

Who regulates ACH payments?

ACH payments are regulated by Nacha, a nonprofit association that maintains the rules and standards for ACH network transactions. All US financial institutions must follow Nacha’s guidelines for ACH transfers.


ACH routing numbers like Capital Bank’s play an essential role in moving money electronically between accounts. By using routing numbers properly, consumers and businesses can securely send and receive electronic payments. Keep Capital Bank’s ACH routing number – 031207937- handy for initiating deposits, online bill pays, and other electronic transfers to your Capital Bank accounts.

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