Routing NumberAddressCityState
1053012087SUITE 5MIAMIFL
2053102191SUITE 5MIAMIFL
3053103637SUITE 5MIAMIFL
4053110374SUITE 5MIAMIFL
5053110633SUITE 5MIAMIFL
6053112042SUITE 5MIAMIFL
7053112055SUITE 5MIAMIFL
8053112068SUITE 5MIAMIFL
9053112217SUITE 5MIAMIFL
10067011760SUITE 5MIAMIFL

An ACH routing number is a 9 digit code that identifies the financial institution that holds your bank account or credit union. It’s used to route payments like direct deposits and bill payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. The routing number helps route the money to the correct account.


CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION is a community bank based in Jackson, Mississippi. They provide a range of banking services such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans and more. CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION operates branches across Mississippi.


CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION was founded in 1889 and has over 130 years of history serving the Mississippi community. They started out as Jackson Savings Bank and through acquisitions and mergers over the decades, became CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION in 2018. The bank has grown significantly over the years while maintaining its commitment to personalized service.


CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION has over 20 branches across the state of Mississippi. Some of the major cities they have a presence in include Jackson, Ridgeland, Florence, Olive Branch, Southaven, and Gulfport among others. They aim to provide banking convenience to communities across Mississippi.


The ACH routing number for CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION is 053012087.

This 9 digit code uniquely identifies CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION and will route your ACH payments like direct deposits and bill payments properly.

Format of the Routing Number

The routing number follows a standard 9 digit format:


The first two digits 05 identify the Federal Reserve routing symbol. This specifies the Federal Reserve district branch responsible for servicing CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION.

The next two digits 30 determine the specific office or branch of CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION.

The last 5 digits 12087 denote the specific institution – CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION.

Uses of the Routing Number

The key uses of CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s routing number include:

  • Setting up direct deposit for paychecks or government benefits like social security.
  • Making online bill payments through your bank account.
  • Sending or receiving wire transfers to transfer money.
  • Linking your CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION account to payment apps like PayPal.

The routing number ensures your payments get to the right financial institution and account.

How to Find the Routing Number

There are a few easy ways to find your CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION routing number:

On a Check

The routing number is the 9 digit code on the bottom left corner of your checks, along with your account number.

Online Banking Account

Log into your CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION online account portal. The routing number is displayed near your account number details.

Bank Website

You can lookup CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s routing number directly on their website too. Just search for the routing number info.

Having this handy will make setting up payments and transfers quick and easy.

Using the Routing Number for Payments

Here are some ways you can use CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s routing number for making seamless payments:

Setting up Direct Deposit

Provide CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s 053012087 routing number along with your account number to your employer or benefits provider to get direct deposits.

Paying Bills Online

Enter the routing number when setting up payees for online bill payment through your bank. This identifies CAPITOL BANK CORPORATION’s account.

Wire Transfers

Use CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s routing number when sending or receiving domestic wire transfers to route the funds properly.

Having the correct routing number connected ensures timely, accurate payments.

Mistakes to Avoid with Routing Number

Avoid these common mishaps when using CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s routing number:

Entering Incorrect Number

Even a single digit error can misroute payments resulting in delays. Always verify the 065104787 number.

Confusing Routing Number with Account Number

The routing number is different from your personal account number. Mixing them up may lead to payment processing failure.

Double check that you are entering the proper 9 digit routing number for payments to flow smoothly.

Alternatives to Routing Number

For those looking to avoid using an ACH routing number, here are some options:

Paying with Debit/Credit Card

Make one-time or recurring payments directly using your debit/credit card instead. No routing number needed.

Using Payment Apps

Apps like PayPal, Venmo, CashApp allow you to transfer or receive money without dealing with bank specifics like routing numbers.

Paying in Cash or Check

For in-person payments, you can always pay with physical cash or check as an alternative too.

However, routing numbers allow more convenient digital payments, so are still useful to have on hand.

Routing Number Security

Keep the following in mind to stay secure when using CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s routing number:

Keep Routing Number Private

Don’t share your routing number publicly or with untrusted parties. This keeps your bank account secure.

Monitor Account for Fraud

Periodically check your account activity and statements to ensure no unauthorized transactions using the routing number.

Being cautious will help avoid potential financial fraud with your routing number.


In summary, CAPITAL BANK CORPORATION’s routing number is a key identifier for facilitating ACH transfers and digital payments. Having this 9 digit code handy makes setting up direct deposits and online bill payments quick and easy. Just be sure to enter the 053012087 number accurately and keep it secure for smooth financial transactions.


What information is contained in the routing number?

The routing number contains details on the Federal Reserve district, bank branch, and specific institution. This allows money to be routed precisely.

Can I use one bank’s routing number for another bank?

No, you can only use the unique routing number assigned to each institution. Using a different bank’s number will result in misrouted payments.

Where is the routing number located on my check?

The routing number is the 9 digit code on the bottom left corner of your check before the account number.

Are routing numbers only used for checks?

No, routing numbers identify banks for all kinds of ACH digital payments like direct deposit, bill pay, wire transfers, etc.

Can I change my bank’s routing number?

No, each banking institution is assigned a fixed routing number by the Federal Reserve Bank for routing ACH payments.

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