ACH US Routing Number – TD BANK

Routing NumberAddressCityState
1011103093P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
2011201335P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
4011301947P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
5011302933P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
6011303123P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
7011305749P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
8011400071P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
9011401148P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
10011401957P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
11011600033P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
12011600525P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
13011600570P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
14021101425P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONMA
15021200957P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
16021201503P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
17021205871P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
18021207138P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
19021207206P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
20021207413P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
21021302567P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
22021307708P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
23026013673P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
25031101017P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
26031201328P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
27031201360PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
28031207801PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
29031901482PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
30036001808PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
33054001725P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
34063112809P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
36063115631P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
37067011142P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
38067014822P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME
39211174123PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
40211174233PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
41211274450PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
42211370095PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
43211370477PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
44211370493PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
45211370545PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
46211370587PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
47211371638PO BOX 1377LEWISTONME
48211372187PO BOX 1377LEWISTONMA
49263170175P.O. BOX 1377LEWISTONME

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies a bank or credit union for the purpose of transmitting funds electronically. Routing numbers allow for the transfer of money directly between banks, bypassing paper checks and physical bank branches.

Definition and purpose of a routing number

Also known as an ABA routing number or routing transit number (RTN), an ACH routing number uniquely identifies a bank or credit union. It directs ACH transfers, like direct deposits and online bill payments, to the correct financial institution. The routing number serves as an address that tells an ACH transfer where to go.

Without a routing number, money could not be moved electronically between accounts at different banks. Routing numbers enable seamless money transfers, supporting today’s digital financial world.

How routing numbers work with banks

Every bank and credit union has at least one unique routing number issued through the American Bankers Association (ABA). When you initiate an ACH transfer, whether sending or receiving funds, you provide your routing number and account number.

The routing number tells the bank or credit union where to pull money from or deposit money into, identifying the correct financial institution. The account number specifies which account at that institution to credit or debit. This allows for an accurate, secure transfer.

TD Bank’s ACH Routing Number

TD Bank, one of the largest banks in the United States, has several routing numbers available for ACH transfers. The routing number you use depends on the specific TD Bank location associated with your account.

TD Bank’s routing number for ACH transfers

If you have an account with TD Bank and need to make an electronic transfer, you’ll use one of the following TD Bank routing numbers:

These are examples (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number)

  • 263170175
  • 011103093
  • 026009593
  • 064000040

These 9-digit codes identify TD Bank for incoming and outgoing ACH transfers. They allow money to be moved seamlessly to or from a TD Bank account.

How to find TD Bank’s routing number

You can easily locate TD Bank’s routing number for your specific account in a few ways:

  • Check the bottom of one of your checks, if you have check-writing privileges. The routing number is the 9-digit code between the vertical bars.
  • Log in to your TD Bank account online or via the mobile app. The routing number is typically displayed under account settings.
  • Call any TD Bank location or TD Bank’s customer service line and request the routing number for your account.
  • Visit a TD Bank branch and ask an employee to provide the correct routing number.

Having the right routing number ensures your electronic transfers go smoothly when using your TD Bank account.

Using TD Bank’s Routing Number for ACH Transfers

TD Bank’s routing numbers allow you to send and receive ACH transfers from your TD Bank checking or savings account quickly and securely.

Sending money to a TD Bank account

To send an ACH payment or transfer to a recipient’s account at TD Bank, you will provide the TD Bank routing number associated with the recipient’s branch along with their TD Bank account number. This allows money to be credited to their account.

For example, you can use TD Bank’s routing number to pay your rent if the landlord has an account at TD Bank, or send money electronically to a friend or family member with an account at TD Bank.

Receiving money from a TD Bank account

To receive funds via ACH transfer into your TD Bank account, provide the sender with your account’s TD Bank routing number and account number. This will allow payments like payroll, tax refunds, or other deposits to be debited from the sender’s account and deposited electronically into your TD Bank account.

Tips for avoiding errors with routing numbers

Double check that you have the correct TD Bank routing number for your specific account before initiating any ACH transfers. An incorrect routing number can cause delays, rejected transactions, and fees.

Also confirm the recipient’s account and routing numbers if transferring funds out of your TD Bank account – inaccurate account numbers lead to failed transfers. Taking these precautions helps avoid headache-inducing errors.

Other Uses for TD Bank’s Routing Number

In addition to ACH transfers, TD Bank’s routing number comes in handy for other digital banking needs.

Paying bills with TD Bank account

You can use TD Bank’s routing number to pay bills directly from your TD Bank checking or savings account. Services like online bill pay allow you to route payments electronically using the routing number.

Setting up direct deposit

To have funds like payroll, tax refunds, or benefits deposited directly into your TD Bank account, provide your employer or payer with TD Bank’s routing number for your account along with your TD Bank account number.

Wiring money internationally

TD Bank’s routing number is needed to wire funds internationally from your TD Bank account. The routing number identifies TD Bank so that money can be wired to your recipient’s bank overseas.

FAQs about TD Bank’s Routing Number

What is the routing number for TD Bank’s wire transfers?

TD Bank uses routing number 011103093 for incoming and outgoing wire transfers in U.S. dollars. This allows money to be wired electronically between TD Bank accounts and other banks.

Where can I find my TD Bank account’s routing number?

The quickest way to find your personal TD Bank routing number is to log into online or mobile banking. You can also locate it on a paper check or by contacting TD Bank customer service.

Can I use the same TD Bank routing number for different TD Bank accounts?

No, you should use the specific routing number assigned to your individual TD Bank account, as routing numbers are unique to each account.

What happens if I use the wrong routing number for TD Bank?

Providing an incorrect TD Bank routing number for transfers or payments can result in delays, failed transactions, funds being sent to the wrong account, and returned payment fees.

Does TD Bank have different routing numbers for wires vs. ACH?

Yes, TD Bank has distinct routing numbers for wire transfers vs. ACH payments/transfers. Use 011103093 for wires and the ACH routing number specific to your account, such as 263170175.

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