Routing NumberAddressCityState
1063113824P.O. BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
2063116410P.O.BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
5067015546P O BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
6067015724P. O. BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
7067015973P.O. BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
9067016040P. O. BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
10067016105P. O. BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
11067016118P.O.BOX 4678FT. LAUDERDALEFL
12067016590P.O.BOX 4678FT.LAUDERDALEFL
13067092640P.O. BOX 4678FT LAUDERDALEFL


What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution where your bank account is held. Routing numbers are used for processing electronic funds transfers through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

Also known as an ABA routing transit number, the ACH routing number provides instructions for transferring money between banks. It indicates the bank and branch where your account is located.

Purpose of routing numbers in banking

Routing numbers enable the smooth transfer of money through the ACH system. They act like a postal address, telling transactions where to go by identifying your financial institution. Without routing numbers, money transfers would be delayed or errors could occur.

ACH Routing Numbers for Banks

All banks have their own unique routing number used for ACH transactions. Here’s how it works:

How routing numbers work in the ACH network

The ACH network uses routing numbers to route payments quickly through direct bank-to-bank transfers. Payments going to or from your account must include the right routing number.

Finding your bank’s routing number

To find your bank’s routing number, check the bottom left of your checks for the 9-digit code. You can also call your bank or search online to obtain the official routing number. Make sure to verify it directly with your bank.


Stonegate Bank is a Florida-based community bank that operates over 30 branches across the state.

Overview of Stonegate Bank

Founded in 2005, Stonegate Bank offers a full range of banking services to businesses and consumers. It is a subsidiary of Stonegate Capital Corporation.

Locating the routing number for Stonegate Bank

The routing number assigned to Stonegate Bank by the American Bankers Association is like a format 067016037.

This 9-digit code can be used for setting up direct deposits or sending wire transfers to a Stonegate Bank account. The same routing number applies to all Stonegate Bank accounts, regardless of branch location.

Using the Stonegate Bank Routing Number

Knowing your bank’s routing number opens up more convenient banking options. Here are some ways you may need to use Stonegate Bank’s routing number 063105277 is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number)

Adding the routing number for automatic payments

Provide Stonegate Bank’s routing number when setting up automatic bill payments or paycheck deposits. This links the payments to your Stonegate account.

Providing the routing number for wire transfers

Wire transfers require an accurate account and routing number to transfer funds. Supply Stonegate’s routing number to send or receive domestic wire transfers.

Including the routing number on checks

Printing Stonegate Bank’s routing number on your checks ensures accurate processing and posting of checks you write.

Errors with Routing Numbers

Mistakes happen easily with long routing number sequences. Here’s how routing number errors commonly occur:

Consequences of an incorrect routing number

If the wrong routing number is entered, your transaction may be delayed or rejected entirely. In severe cases, funds could be lost or credited to the wrong account.

How to avoid mistakes with routing numbers

Double check that you have your bank’s correct routing number before initiating any ACH or wire transfers. Always verify the number directly with your bank instead of guessing.

Ask your bank to confirm the routing number when in doubt. Taking precautions avoids costly errors.

FAQs about Stonegate Bank’s Routing Number

Q: Can the routing number change?

A: Bank routing numbers rarely change. However, if banks merge or get acquired, a new routing number may be assigned. Always verify with your bank first.

Q: Where do I find my account number?

A: Your account number will be available on your bank checks, statements, or by calling your bank. Have both the account and routing number ready when setting up payments.

Q: What if I input the wrong routing number?

A: An incorrect routing number may result in delays, fees, or rejection of the transaction. Contact your bank as soon as possible if you notice an error.

Q: Can I use the same routing number for different accounts?

A: Yes, the routing number identifies the bank itself. You can use Stonegate Bank’s routing number for any account type you have there.

Q: Who uses routing numbers?

A: Routing numbers are mainly used by banks, businesses, and vendors for processing ACH transfers and wire transactions. Individuals may need to provide bank routing numbers when setting up payments too.

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