ACH US Routing Number – REGIONS BANK

Routing NumberAddressCityState
1051009296P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
4061101375P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
5061104712P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
6062000019P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
7062005690P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
8062202150P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
9062203735P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
10063104668P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
11063206663P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
12063210112P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
13064000017P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
14064002280P O BO 681BIRMINGHAMAL
15064003962P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
16064102397P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
17064103079P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
18064200765P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
19064200914P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
20064206594P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
21065301155P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
22065305436P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
23065305902P. O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
24065402892P O BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
25065403626P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
26065403875P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
27065404913P O BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
28067008414P. O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
29067010583P. O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
30071122661P. O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
31073900438P. O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
32074014213P. O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
33081001387P. O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
36083901744P O BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
37084000084P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
39084306953P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
40111900785P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
41261170740P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL
42264071590P.O. BOX 681BIRMINGHAMAL

ACH US Routing Number – Regions Bank

An ACH routing number is a 9 digit code that identifies the financial institution from which a payment will be withdrawn or deposited. It is used for Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic financial transactions in the United States.

You need the routing number any time you want to set up direct deposits or withdrawals from a Regions Bank account. It allows the bank to identify and route the funds properly.

To find the Regions Bank routing number, check the bottom left corner of your checks, deposit slips, or bank statements. You can also call your local branch.

Regions Bank’s routing number: XXXXXXXXX (Insert the specific routing number)

The Anatomy of an ACH US Routing Number

To comprehend ACH US Routing Numbers better, let’s break down their structure:

  • The first four digits represent the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol.
  • The next four digits identify the specific bank or financial institution.
  • The ninth digit is a checksum, used to verify the authenticity of the routing number.

Regions Bank

Region bank is a full-service banking organization that offers commercial, retail, wealth management, and mortgage products and services. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Regions Bank operates over 1,300 branch locations across the Southern, Midwestern, and Mid-Atlantic states.

The history of Regions Bank dates back to 1971 when three banks merged to form First Alabama Bancshares, the predecessor of Regions. Over the next several decades, First Alabama acquired several other regional banks and adopted the Regions name in 1992. Regions expanded through further mergers and acquisitions to become one of the nation’s largest full-service banks.

In addition to checking and savings accounts, Regions Bank provides loans, credit cards, mortgages, investment services, insurance, and more. Business banking services are also available.

Checking accounts offered by Regions include free checking, interest checking, money market checking, and prepaid checking accounts designed for different needs.

For savings, Regions has statement savings, money market savings, and health savings accounts. Higher yield certificates of deposit are also available.

Loans offered by Regions include home loans, personal loans, auto loans, student loans, business loans, and more. Home equity lines of credit and credit cards are also available.

Regions Bank operates over 1,300 branch locations in the South, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. It has a large presence in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

You can contact Regions Bank by phone, mail, or through its website. Call 1-800-REGIONS to reach customer service. You can also visit a local branch or send a letter to the headquarters at 1900 5th Ave North, Birmingham, AL 35203.

Regions Bank routing numbers come in two formats – a 9 digit ABA routing number and an 8 digit wire transfer routing number. For ACH transactions like direct deposits, you need the 9 digit ABA number 062005690. For wire transfers, use the 8 digit code – 06200068.

To confirm you have the right Regions routing number, sign into your online banking account and find it under account settings or transaction history. You can also call the bank to double check. Provide the full account number and ask them to verify the routing number.

Use Regions’ ABA routing number when setting up direct deposit of your paycheck, government benefits, tax refund, or other regular payments. Provide your employer or benefits provider with the 9 digit Regions routing number and your account number.

For paying bills online or setting up automatic withdrawals, you will also need to enter the Regions routing number along with your account number to link the transaction.

Wire transfers through Regions Bank require the 8 digit wire transfer routing number. You would use this to send or receive domestic or international wire transfers.

The main difference between ABA and wire transfer routing numbers is that ABA routing numbers are 9 digits long and used for ACH transactions while wire transfer routing numbers are 8 digits long and used for wire transfers only.

FAQs About Regions Routing Numbers

What is the Regions Bank routing number?

The Regions Bank routing number is 062005690. This 9 digit ABA routing number is used for setting up direct deposits and withdrawals via ACH transfer.

Where can I find my Regions Bank routing number?

The easiest ways to find your Regions routing number are to check the bottom of your checks, deposit slips, or bank account statements. You can also call Regions customer service.

Do I need to use a wire transfer routing number for Regions?

No, you only need the 8 digit wire transfer routing number for international or domestic wire transfers. For direct deposits and online bill payments, use the 9 digit ABA routing number 062005690.

Can I use the Regions routing number at ATMs?

No, you cannot use the routing number at ATMs. You will need your Regions Bank debit card and PIN number for ATM transactions.

What if I need to change my Regions routing number?

You cannot change your routing number yourself. Contact Regions Bank if you need to change the routing number associated with your account.

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