Routing NumberAddressCityState
2254075454P O BOX 1432ALEXANDRIAVA
3256078446P O BOX 1432ALEXANDRIAVA
4256078569P O BOX 1432ALEXANDRIAVA
7311078802P O BOX 1432ALEXANDRIAVA
8311981562P.O. BOX 1432ALEXANDRIAVA
10314088048P O BOX 1432ALEXANDRIAVA
11321379494P O BOX 1432ALEXANDRIAVA

ACH US Routing Number – Pentagon Federal Credit Union

ACH routing numbers are 9-digit codes that identify financial institutions in the United States. They are a key part of the digital payment infrastructure that allows for fast and efficient transfer of money electronically.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

Also known as an ABA routing transit number, an ACH routing number identifies the bank where your account is held. It provides instructions for where a payment should be directed. The routing number appears on the bottom of checks and is used for setting up direct deposits and electronic transfers.

How ACH Routing Numbers Work

When an ACH transfer or direct deposit is initiated, the routing number provides the pathway to route the money to the correct financial institution. Think of it like a ZIP code telling the transfer where to go. The routing number is paired with your unique checking or savings account number to deposit funds in the right place.

Importance of Having the Correct ACH Routing Number

It’s critical to have the right ACH routing number to avoid transfer delays and payment processing errors. Providing an incorrect routing number means the money could go to the wrong bank and account. Taking the time to verify your routing number prevents headaches.

About Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, also referred to as PenFed, is a Virginia-based credit union focused on serving the military and defense communities. With over 2 million members worldwide, it is one of the largest credit unions in the country.

Overview of Pentagon Federal Credit Union

PenFed got its start in 1935, founded by War Department employees to promote thrift and provide low-cost loans. Over the decades, the credit union expanded to serve all military branches. Membership eligibility has broadened to include veterans, military families, and civilian defense employees.

In addition to branches located near military bases, PenFed offers nationwide access through shared branches and digital banking services. The credit union provides a full range of financial products like bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, and home and auto loans.

History and Background

Key facts about Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s history include:

  • Founded in 1935 to serve War Department employees
  • Originally called War Department Federal Credit Union
  • Started with 84 members and less than $100 in assets
  • Expanded to serve Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard members
  • Began open enrollment policy in 2011 to serve all U.S. residents
  • Now has over 2.1 million members globally
  • Holds over $30 billion in assets as of 2021

Services and Benefits Offered

As a credit union, PenFed is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by its members. Some of the benefits of banking with PenFed include:

  • Access to branches and ATMs on military bases
  • Free checking accounts with no monthly fees
  • Higher interest rates on savings accounts
  • Lower interest rates on auto, mortgage, and personal loans
  • Discounted insurance products for members
  • 24/7 telephone and digital banking services

Finding Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s ACH Routing Number

To properly route ACH transfers and direct deposits to a PenFed account, you’ll need to use the correct 9-digit ABA routing transit number. Here is how to find it:

Understanding ABA Routing Transit Numbers

ACH routing numbers are interchangeably called ABA routing transit numbers. ABA stands for the American Bankers Association that oversees the electronic payment system.

Locating Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s Routing Number

PenFed’s routing number is 231386331 is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number). This number will route payments and transfers to Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s network.

You can find PenFed’s routing number:

  • At the bottom of a check, typically to the left side
  • On a direct deposit form when setting up payroll or benefits
  • By logging into online or mobile banking
  • By calling PenFed’s customer service department

Confirming You Have the Correct Routing Number

To confirm the routing number is accurate for your intended transfer or payment, cross-check it with the sources above. Also verify with the recipient that it matches their financial records for PenFed.

Using Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s Routing Number

Knowing PenFed’s routing number is useless unless you know how to use it. Here are some common ways you will need to provide the 256075025 routing number is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number).

Adding the Routing Number for Direct Deposits

To set up direct deposit of paychecks or government benefits like Social Security, share PenFed’s routing number on the paperwork along with your PenFed account number.

Including the Routing Number on Checks

Printing checks through PenFed? The routing number will be pre-printed. But if writing a check manually, write out the full routing number on the lower left corner of the check.

Providing the Routing Number for Wire Transfers

Sending or receiving a domestic or international wire transfer requires including PenFed’s 9-digit routing number along with account details.

Giving the Routing Number to Receive ACH Transfers

To receive ACH payments or money transfers from other institutions, share PenFed’s routing number with the sender along with your account number.

Mistakes to Avoid with the Routing Number

Avoid these common errors when dealing with PenFed’s routing number:

Entering Incorrect Numbers

Double check that each digit of the 256075025 routing number is accurate whenever entering it or providing it verbally to someone. Just one wrong digit can cause major issues.

Using Numbers for Other Banks

PenFed’s routing number is unique to their financial institution. Never use a routing number from a different bank or credit union, even if you have accounts at multiple places.

Not Verifying the Routing Number

Take the extra step to validate the routing number before initiating any transfers. Confirm it matches exactly what is on your PenFed paperwork or listed in your online account profile.


ACH routing numbers serve as the address for routing digital financial transactions. PenFed’s 9-digit number allows for the efficient transfer of funds to its accounts. By properly utilizing the 256075025 routing number is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number) for direct deposits and transfers, you can avoid costly errors or delays and ensure your money reaches its destination. Taking a moment to confirm the correct number upfront gives peace of mind that your banking details are accurate.


What format are routing numbers in?

Routing numbers always follow a 9-digit format governed by the ABA – a leading digit, then a 7-digit ABA institution identifier, and finally a 1-digit transaction routing identifier.

Where is the routing number on a check?

Routing numbers are typically located on the lower left corner of a check. They appear near the account number and check number.

Are routing numbers specific to checking or savings accounts?

No – the same routing number is used across all types of accounts at a bank or credit union.

Can I use the routing number from my old bank?

When you switch financial institutions, you need to get new routing and account numbers to update any direct deposits or transfers.

Is it safe to provide my routing number?

Yes, routing numbers can safely be provided for legitimate transfer purposes. They contain no sensitive data beyond identifying where your account is held.

What is the format of routing numbers?

Routing numbers are always nine digits. They include a leading digit, ABA institution identifier, and transaction routing identifier. PenFed’s number follows the format of 12****025.

How do I get the routing number by phone or in person?

You can call PenFed or visit a branch to verify the routing number on your account. Keep in mind, the same routing number applies to all PenFed accounts.

Can I use the same routing number for different banks?

No, each financial institution has its own unique routing number. You must use PenFed’s specific number.

What happens if I use the wrong routing number?

Entering an incorrect routing number may result in the transfer or deposit being rejected and sent back. Or, it could go to the wrong institution and potentially be lost.

Who do I contact if I can’t find the routing number?

Reach out to PenFed’s customer service department if you need assistance locating or verifying their ABA routing transit number.

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