Routing NumberAddressCityState
4082901897110 E RACE STSEARCYAR
8091202736BOX 70CANBYMN
9091203942BOX 70CANBYMN
10091205607PO BOX 469SLEEPY EYEMN
11091209483PO BOX 469SLEEPY EYEMN
12091216308113 S MAINHENDRICKSMN
13091309451PO BOX 69BEULAHND
14091310699BOX 37ROBINSONND
15091901972PO BOX 469SLEEPY EYEMN
16091902531P.O. BOX 287BENSONMN
17091906760PO BOX 128BYRONMN
180920012081721 11TH AVEHELENAMT
19092101289P O BOX 730MALTAMT
20092900613PO BOX 910BOZEMANMT
21092901175P O BOX 910BOZEMANMT
22092901256PO BOX 100ROUNDUPMT
24092904774P O BOX 910BOZEMANMT
25101102658P.O. BOX 306OVERBROOKKS
26101105778PO BOX 306OVERBROOKKS
27101207773P O BOX 80UNION STARMO
281030006771541 NE 23RD ST.OKLAHOMA CITYOK


An ACH routing number is an important piece of information for financial transactions in the United States. This article provides an overview of ACH routing numbers and details the specific ACH routing number for First Security Bank.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution where an account is held. Routing numbers are primarily used for processing electronic funds transfers through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

Purpose of Routing Numbers

ACH routing numbers serve two key purposes:

  • Identifying the financial institution – The routing number tells the ACH network where to direct transactions for a particular financial institution. This allows money to be transferred between accounts accurately.
  • Validating account numbers – Routing numbers enable financial institutions to validate that account numbers are legitimate before processing transactions.

Structure of Routing Numbers

All ACH routing numbers follow a specific structure:

  • Federal Reserve Indicator – The first 2 digits identify the Federal Reserve Bank responsible for the financial institution.
  • Financial Institution Identifier – The next 7 digits uniquely identify the financial institution itself.
  • Branch Designator – The last digit identifies the branch location of the financial institution. An even number indicates the head office, while an odd number is a branch office.

This standardized format allows routing numbers to effectively direct ACH transfers.

About First Security Bank

First Security Bank is a regional bank based in the southeastern United States. It provides a range of banking services to individuals and businesses.

History and Background

First Security Bank was founded in 1957 in Jackson, Tennessee. It focused on providing loans and deposits to the local farming community.

Over the decades, the bank expanded across Tennessee and into other states like Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina. It now has over 150 branch locations in these states.

First Security Bank offers a full suite of banking solutions – from checking and savings accounts to loans, credit cards and more. It provides online, mobile and in-person banking access.

Locations and Services

First Security Bank has branches located across the southeastern United States. Its headquarters remains in Jackson, Tennessee.

Some of the key services offered by First Security Bank include:

  • Personal banking – Checking, savings, money market, CDs, IRAs
  • Business banking – Business checking, savings, loans
  • Mortgage lending – Home loans, refinancing
  • Credit cards – Variety of personal and business credit cards
  • Digital banking – Online and mobile banking, bill pay

The bank also provides wealth management, financial planning and treasury management services.

Financial Details

As of 2022, First Security Bank has over $7 billion in assets. It is considered a top 100 US bank in terms of asset size.

The bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Security Bancorp Inc., a bank holding company. First Security Bancorp trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol FSGI.

First Security Bank’s Routing Number

The ACH routing number for First Security Bank is 083908174.

This 9-digit number should be used for any electronic funds transfers to or from accounts held at First Security Bank.

Where to Find the Routing Number

The routing number can be found in the following places:

  • Bottom of personal or business checks issued by First Security Bank
  • Bank statements for checking or savings accounts
  • Bank website – Listed under routing number or ABA number
  • Online banking portal – Under account settings or profile

Uses of First Security Bank’s Routing Number

The 083908174 routing number is essential for:

  • Setting up direct deposit of paychecks or benefits into a First Security Bank account
  • Sending or receiving ACH transfers to/from another bank
  • Paying bills electronically from a First Security Bank account
  • Wiring funds internationally from First Security Bank

Providing the correct routing number helps ensure transactions are processed quickly and securely.


  • ACH routing numbers are 9-digit codes that identify financial institutions for electronic funds transfers.
  • First Security Bank is a regional bank based in the Southeast US with over 150 branches.
  • The ACH routing number for First Security Bank is 083908174.
  • This number should be used for any ACH transfers to or from First Security Bank accounts.

Key Takeaways

  • Routing numbers help direct ACH transfers to the correct financial institution.
  • First Security Bank provides retail and business banking services across the Southeast.
  • The routing number 083908174 uniquely identifies First Security Bank for electronic payments.


What is the routing number for First Security Bank?

The ACH routing number for First Security Bank is 083908174.

Where can I find the routing number for my First Security Bank account?

The routing number can be found at the bottom of checks, bank statements, on the bank website, or in your online banking profile.

Can I use the First Security Bank routing number for wire transfers?

Yes, you can use the routing number 083908174 for domestic and international wire transfers from First Security Bank accounts.

Is the routing number the same for all First Security Bank branches?

Yes, all First Security Bank branches use the same routing number of 083908174since it identifies the financial institution as a whole.

Should I provide First Security’s routing number for checks from other banks? No, you only need to provide First Security Bank’s routing number for electronic payments like ACH transfers. For checks, you would provide your own account number

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