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6061191848DAC 28RALEIGHNC
9101089810DAC 28RALEIGHNC
10101089823DAC 28RALEIGHNC
11102089644DAC 28RALEIGHNC
12103089834DAC 28RALEIGHNC
13107089652DAC 28RALEIGHNC
14114993906DAC 28RALEIGHNC
15121182014DAC 28RALEIGHNC
16122187335DAC 28RALEIGHNC
17122287361DAC 28RALEIGHNC
18123084958DAC 28RALEIGHNC


Sending and receiving money electronically has become commonplace thanks to services like direct deposit and automatic payments. These transactions rely on routing numbers to identify financial institutions and account holders. One such routing number is that of First Citizens Bank & Trust Company. In this article, we’ll look at what an ACH routing number is, provide key details on First Citizens Bank, and discuss their specific ACH routing number, how to find it, and tips for proper use.

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company is a long-standing financial institution based primarily in the Southern United States. With hundreds of branches across several states, they provide a full range of banking services to personal and business customers.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies a specific financial institution for the purpose of directing ACH transfers of money. ACH stands for “automated clearing house,” and it facilitates electronic payments and money transfers, including:

  • Direct deposit of payroll, Social Security, and other government benefits
  • Automatic bill payments
  • Business-to-business payments
  • Person-to-person transfers between accounts

The routing number ensures the funds go to and from the correct accounts. Along with the customer’s account number, it provides a unique identifier that routes the money through the ACH network. Routing numbers are also sometimes referred to as “ABA numbers” or “routing transit numbers.”

Details about First Citizens Bank & Trust Company

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company has a long history dating back to 1898 in Smithfield, North Carolina. Over the decades, the bank expanded across the Southeast through mergers, acquisitions, and de novo branches. Today, First Citizens operates in 18 states plus the District of Columbia.

As of 2022, First Citizens had over 600 branch locations and 2.6 million customers. It provides a full range of banking services including checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and wealth management. The bank manages over $100 billion in assets and is one of the 100 largest banks in the United States.

First Citizens is a subsidiary of First Citizens BancShares Inc., a financial holding company that operates First Citizens Bank and other brands. The company’s stock trades on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker FCNCA. First Citizens consistently earns strong independent ratings for its financial strength and stability.

First Citizens Bank ACH Routing Number

The ACH routing number for First Citizens Bank & Trust Company is:

053100300 is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number)
ACH Routing Number: XXXXXXXXX (Insert the specific routing number)

This 9-digit code identifies First Citizens Bank in ACH or electronic money transfers. When linking a bank account for deposits or payments, this is the routing number that should be provided for the First Citizens account.

You can find the First Citizens Bank routing number printed on the bottom left of checks issued for your account. It will be located between symbols such as “/:053100300/”. The routing number is also available on your account statements.

Using the First Citizens Bank Routing Number

There are a few key circumstances when you need to provide the proper First Citizens routing number:

  • Setting up direct deposit – When providing account details to an employer or government benefits office, supply the First Citizens routing number to have payments deposited automatically.
  • Arranging automatic payments – Billers need the right routing number to pull scheduled payments from a First Citizens account.
  • Incoming transfers – Share the routing number so individuals or businesses can send electronic transfers into your First Citizens account.
  • Wiring money – Accurate routing numbers help ensure wires and other transfers arrive at the intended accounts.

Be sure to double check the routing number for accuracy wherever it is entered. Typos can cause delays, rejections of transfers, and money being misdirected. Take your time and carefully verify each digit matches 053100300.

Significance of Proper Routing Number Use

Using the right First Citizens Bank routing number is crucial for several reasons:

  • Receive money promptly – Transfers can complete faster when the number is accurate. Minimal delays mean you get access to funds sooner.
  • Avoid rejection of transfers – Incorrect routing numbers often result in bounced electronic payments and money not arriving as anticipated.
  • Prevent misdirected funds – Wrong routing numbers could send money to other accounts where recovering the funds may be difficult.
  • Avert fraud – Erroneous routing numbers make it possible for digit manipulation to misdirect money improperly. Accurate entry guards against this.

Taking the time to carefully enter and verify First Citizens’ routing number protects your money and ensures transactions proceed smoothly.

Mistakes to Avoid with Routing Numbers

When using First Citizens Bank’s routing number for ACH transfers, be alert for these common errors:

  • Typos – Accidentally transposing digits or entering an incorrect number will cause problems receiving money properly.
  • Using numbers for other banks – Each institution has its own routing number. Using numbers belonging to other banks will lead to rejections.
  • Duplicating digits – Be careful not to type any digit twice when entering a long string of numbers.
  • Transposing institution vs account number – It’s crucial to know which number is the routing number versus account number to avoid mix-ups.
  • Outdated information – Bank mergers or acquisitions may change routing numbers. Use the most current info from your financial institution.

Stay up-to-date on your account details and know the proper 9-digit ACH routing number for First Citizens Bank. Take your time when entering it for any financial transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I entered the wrong routing number for a payment?

Contact the originator of the transfer right away and provide them with the correct First Citizens Bank routing number to reinitiate the transaction. The sooner you catch the error, the faster it can be corrected.

Where else may I need to enter the routing number?

Some online bill pay sites and money transfer services ask for the routing number to link bank accounts. Always use First Citizens’ number specifically wherever it is requested.

Can I use the routing number for international transfers?

Unfortunately no, ACH routing numbers only work for domestic transactions within the United States. Separate processes like SWIFT codes are used for international money transfers.

What happens if I swap the routing and account numbers accidentally?

A transposition like this will cause transactions to fail or money to be misdirected. Take care when entering both sets of digits.

Do I need to include any other codes or symbols with the routing number?

The 9-digit routing number is all that is needed for ACH transfers. Do not enter spaces, dashes or any other extra characters.


ACH routing numbers are fundamental for facilitating electronic payments and money transfers between accounts and financial institutions. First Citizens Bank & Trust Company’s specific ACH routing number is 053100300. Understanding the purpose of routing numbers, where to find them, and tips for proper entry helps ensure your transactions proceed smoothly and securely. Double check the 9-digit code anytime you provide account details for incoming or outgoing ACH transfers. With the right routing number, you can avoid costly delays and errors getting payments to their intended destination.

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