ACH US Routing Number – FARMERS BANK

Routing NumberAddressCityState
6081510739P.O.BOX 22LOHMANMO
7082901091P O BOX 250MAGNOLIAAR
9082901813210 N. MAINHAMBURGAR
11082903837P O BOX 250MAGNOLIAAR
12082905181P O BOX 250MAGNOLIAAR
15083905546PO BOX 39MILTONKY
21101208031101 S 65 HWYLINCOLNMO
221019033361604 MAINUNIONVILLEMO
231019055121604 MAINUNIONVILLEMO
25104905250129 WEST MAINCOOKNE
26107007469P O BOX 220AULTCO
27111925430P O BOX 250MAGNOLIAAR
28124102509PO BOX 2706TWIN FALLSID
29307074098PO BOX 220AULTCO

ACH US Routing Number – Farmers Bank

The ACH routing number is an important piece of information for sending and receiving electronic payments. For customers of Farmers Bank, knowing the proper ACH routing number will ensure your transactions are processed quickly and securely. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Farmers Bank’s routing number, including how to find it, what it can be used for, and tips for avoiding errors.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution when processing electronic payments within the Automated Clearing House network. Routing numbers are sometimes also called “ABA numbers” or “transit numbers.”

Purpose of Routing Numbers

Routing numbers serve two essential functions in processing ACH transfers:

  • They identify the bank where funds should be deposited or withdrawn. This allows transfers to go to the correct financial institution.
  • They enable the transfer of funds between accounts. The sender provides the routing number and account number, allowing the funds to be electronically moved.

Structure of Routing Numbers

Though they appear to be random numbers, ACH routing numbers have a specific format:

  • First 2 digits – Federal Reserve routing symbol
  • Next 7 digits – Unique bank identifier
  • Final 1 digit – Check digit

The check digit enables error detection to avoid mistaken routing numbers.

About Farmers Bank

Farmers Bank is a community bank based in Frankfort, Kentucky. Founded in 1850, it has served central Kentucky for over 170 years.

Overview and History

Farmers Bank dates back to 1850 when it first opened under the name Farmers Bank of Kentucky. It initially served the agricultural community, providing loans and financial services to local farmers and growers.

Throughout its history, Farmers Bank has expanded across 8 counties in Kentucky with 25 branch locations. It offers a full range of banking solutions for personal and commercial customers. Their longstanding presence and strong local ties make Farmers Bank a leading community bank in the region.

Locations and Branches

Farmers Bank has its headquarters in Frankfort, KY along with 9 additional branches across Franklin County. The bank has expanded through central Kentucky with locations in the counties of Anderson, Boyle, Garrard, Jessamine, Mercer, Scott and Woodford.

Customers can access in-person banking services at any of the conveniently located branches. Farmers Bank ensures coverage both in rural towns as well as major cities like Lexington, KY.

Products and Services

Farmers Bank provides a comprehensive range of products and services, including:

  • Personal banking – Checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, loans
  • Business banking – Commercial lending, cash management, online services
  • Mortgages – Home loans, construction loans, refinancing
  • Credit cards – Visa credit cards with rewards programs
  • Wealth management – Investing, retirement planning, insurance

The bank can fulfill both consumer and commercial financial needs through this diverse selection of banking solutions.

Farmers Bank’s Routing Number

Farmers Bank’s routing number enables electronic transfers to and from accounts at the bank.

Obtaining the Routing Number

Farmers Bank’s routing number is appear as 083905546

This 9-digit number can be found by:

  • Checking a paper check from your Farmers Bank account – the routing number is the first 9 digits printed.
  • Viewing the routing number on your bank statement or online banking platform.
  • Calling Farmers Bank’s customer service at 1-502-227-1621 for assistance.
  • Searching for “Farmers Bank routing number” on the bank’s website.

Using the Routing Number for Transactions

Farmers Bank’s routing number can be used to:

Direct Deposits

  • Set up direct deposit of your paycheck or other income like Social Security.
  • Provide the routing number to senders like your employer to deposit funds electronically.

Online Transfers

  • Use the routing number when transferring funds between Farmers Bank accounts online.
  • Provide the routing number when arranging wire transfers or electronic payments from other banks.

Wire Transfers

  • Include Farmers Bank’s routing number on domestic and international wire transfers.
  • Receive inbound wire transfers by supplying senders with your account number and the bank’s routing number.

Benefits of Using Farmers Bank’s Routing Number

Using Farmers Bank’s official routing number offers several advantages:

Efficient Processing

ACH transfers are processed quickly when the right routing number is entered. This enables fast direct deposits and payments.

Secure Transactions

The routing system allows money to be sent directly to the intended accounts, avoiding errors and misdirected transfers.

Access to Full Service Banking

The routing number grants access to all the products, services, and locations of Farmers Bank through electronic payments.

Tips for Using Farmers Bank’s Routing Number

Follow these tips to ensure success when using Farmers Bank’s routing number:

Confirm Accuracy

Double check that you have the correct 9-digit routing number before initiating any ACH transfers. This prevents delays if the wrong number is entered.

Keep Record of Number

Keep the routing number handy when setting up direct deposits or transfers. Avoid scrambling to find it each time.

Contact Bank with Issues

If any electronic transfers fail due to routing number problems, contact Farmers Bank to verify the number and get assistance.

Alternatives to Using Farmers Bank’s Routing Number

In certain situations, there may be alternatives to providing Farmers Bank’s routing number for payments:

Other Banks

Using the routing number of a different bank where you have an account. Only use Farmers Bank’s for deposits to accounts there.

Prepaid Cards

Getting paid via prepaid debit card or app like PayPal, where funds aren’t sent to a bank account.

Cash Transactions

Withdrawing cash and paying in physical money, avoiding electronic payments altogether.


Farmers Bank’s routing number enables the efficient processing of electronic funds transfers. By using the correct 9-digit routing number as a format 083905546. Farmers Bank customers can setup direct deposit, transfer money online, send wire transfers, and more. Following proper protocols when entering the routing number will ensure accurate, timely payments to and from your Farmers Bank accounts.


What is the Farmers Bank routing number?

The Farmers Bank routing number is 083905546. This 9-digit code identifies Farmers Bank in the ACH network and is needed for setting up direct deposits or transfers.

How do I find the routing number?

The routing number can be found printed on your Farmers Bank checks, on your account statements, through online banking, or by contacting the bank directly for assistance.

Can I use the routing number at other banks?

No, Farmers Bank’s routing number only works for transfers to and from accounts at Farmers Bank. For other banks, you would need to use their routing number.

What if I enter the wrong routing number?

If the wrong routing number is entered, your electronic transfers may be directed to the wrong account and fail or face delays. Always verify you have the right code before initiating transfers.

Who do I contact for help with the routing number?

If you cannot find the routing number or have any issues with failed transfers, contact Farmers Bank’s customer service line at 1-502-227-1621 for assistance.

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