ACH US Routing Number – COMPASS BANK

Routing NumberAddressCityState
1062101468P. O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
2062101484P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
3062103136P. O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
4062200466P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
5062200628P. O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
6062200783P. O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
7062200880PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
8062201067PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
9062201164PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
10062201229PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
11062202134P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
12062202736P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
13062202804PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
14062203049PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
15062203227PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
16062204721P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
17062204789PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
18062205199P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
19062205908PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
20063013924P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
21065101481PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
22065104611PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
23107000783PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
24107005319P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
26111317857P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
28111907445P O BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
29111914289P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
31112005809P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
32113010547P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
33113103726P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
34114000718P O BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
35114009816P O BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
36114016142P O BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
37114017125P O BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
38114900313P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
39114907329P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
40114909013P.O. BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
41122101010PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
42122105744PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
44122220506PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
45263290576PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
46311074288SUITE 100DALLASTX
47314970664PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
48321170538PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL
49322270408PO BOX 10566BIRMINGHAMAL

ACH US Routing Number – COMPASS BANK

What is an ACH Routing Number?

Definition and Purpose of an ACH Routing Number

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution when processing payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. It functions like a postal address, directing transfers to the correct bank account.

The ACH network facilitates electronic fund transfers in the United States. It’s used for both personal and business transactions like direct deposits, bill payments, and B2B payments. Having the right routing number enables smooth and accurate transfers.

How ACH Routing Numbers Work

ACH routing numbers work together with account numbers to guide payments. For example, when setting up direct deposit, you provide both your account number and your bank’s routing number. This tells your employer or benefits provider where to electronically send your money.

Behind the scenes, the ACH operator uses the routing number to identify your bank or credit union. The account number specifies your personal account. Together, this information ensures your direct deposit reaches the proper destination.

Routing numbers are also used for online bill payments, money transfers, and other electronic transactions. Valid routing and account numbers are crucial for avoiding errors and delays.

COMPASS BANK’s ACH Routing Number


COMPASS BANK is a regional bank based in Alabama. It operates over 600 branches across Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas. With assets totaling $97 billion, it is one of the largest Southern-based banks in the United States.

COMPASS BANK offers personal, business, and commercial banking services. It is a member of the Allpoint ATM network, providing account holders surcharge-free access to over 55,000 ATMs nationwide. The bank is a subsidiary of BBVA USA Bancshares, Inc.

Finding COMPASS BANK’s Routing Number

COMPASS BANK has several routing numbers, depending on your location. The most commonly used ACH routing number for COMPASS BANK is:


This 9-digit number is used for all ACH transactions, including direct deposits and online bill payments.

You can also find COMPASS BANK’s routing number printed at the bottom of your checks. Look for the series of numbers after your account number.

Uses of COMPASS BANK’s Routing Number

COMPASS BANK’s routing number can be used for setting up:

  • Direct deposit for payroll or benefits
  • Automatic bill payments through your bank account
  • Online money transfers like P2P apps
  • Electronic tax payments to the IRS
  • Linking external accounts to digital wallets
  • Registering for online banking

Having the right routing number helps ensure seamless transactions and avoids processing delays.

Sending or Receiving Funds Using COMPASS BANK’s Routing Number

Sending Money to a COMPASS BANK Account

To send an electronic payment to a COMPASS BANK account, you’ll need:

  • Recipient’s full name
  • Recipient’s COMPASS BANK account number
  • COMPASS BANK routing number:062200783

With this information, you can use bill pay services, wire transfers, or mobile banking apps to securely route the funds to the recipient’s account.

Double check that you’re using COMPASS BANK’s routing number rather than another bank’s to avoid misdirected payments.

Receiving Payments Through COMPASS BANK

To get paid electronically via your COMPASS BANK account, provide the sender with:

  • Your full name
  • Your COMPASS BANK account number
  • COMPASS BANK routing number: 062200783

This allows payers like employers or clients to send you direct deposits and ACH transfers seamlessly.

Use COMPASS BANK’s routing number when filling out authorization forms for payroll, government benefits, online money transfers, etc. Having the right details ensures your money goes where it should!

Important Considerations When Using Routing Numbers

Confirming the Valid Routing Number

Routing numbers are sensitive information. When using COMPASS BANK’s routing number, double check that the 9-digit code is current and correct.

Never rely on outdated or secondhand information for routing numbers. Instead, verify it directly through official COMPASS BANK channels like your bank statements, direct deposit forms, or the COMPASS BANK website.

This guards against mistyped digits that could cause delays or errors in funds transfers. Take the extra time to validate the routing number for peace of mind.

Security With Routing Numbers

While routing numbers themselves don’t provide access to your accounts, it’s still wise to treat them as sensitive information. Avoid displaying or transmitting your full account details unless absolutely necessary.

Only provide the routing number when required, such as when setting up direct deposit. Never share it in response to unsolicited communications or suspected phishing attempts.

Taking basic security measures helps maintain control over your financial data. Check with COMPASS BANK if you have any concerns about keeping your account details safe.

Contacting COMPASS BANK for Assistance

If you have questions about COMPASS BANK’s routing number or how to use it, customer service can provide help. You can call their banking center at 1-800-COMPASS or visit a local branch.

Their support team can confirm routing numbers, assist with transfers, and address any other issues that may arise with your COMPASS BANK account. They’re available to ensure you utilize the bank’s routing number correctly for your banking needs.


COMPASS BANK’s routing number (062200783) plays an essential role in facilitating electronic funds transfers for account holders. Pay close attention when entering the 9-digit code for setting up direct deposits, online bill payments, linking external accounts, and other transactions. Confirming the accuracy helps avoid costly errors or delays. While routing numbers are not secret, always take reasonable precautions by validating requests and safeguarding your financial details. Contact COMPASS BANK for any help needed with managing or understanding their routing number. With the right information, the routing number enables smooth passage of your money through the ACH network.


Q: Can I use the same COMPASS BANK routing number for checks and ACH transfers?

A: Yes, COMPASS BANK uses routing number 062200783 for both checks and ACH transactions. This same 9-digit code can be used when providing your routing information.

Q: Where can I find COMPASS BANK’s routing number on my checks?

A: COMPASS BANK’s routing number appears in the series of digits at the bottom left corner of your checks, immediately before your account number.

Q: Does COMPASS BANK have different routing numbers by state?

A: No, COMPASS BANK uses the same routing number (062200783) across all states for ACH and check processing. This number works nationwide.

Q: Can I use COMPASS BANK’s routing number at ATMs?

A: No, you’ll use your 16-digit COMPASS BANK debit card number when accessing ATMs. The routing number is only for direct deposits, online payments, and transfers.

Q: What happens if I enter an incorrect routing number for COMPASS BANK?

A: An incorrect routing number may result in delays, canceled transactions, fees, or funds being sent to the wrong account. Always double check you have the right code before initiating any transfers.

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