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5026010825R5 – 14ROSEMEADCA

Bank routing numbers are essential for facilitating various financial transactions and payments. This 9-digit code identifies the bank that holds your account and enables money transfers. If you bank with Cathay Bank, you’ll need to know their routing number for tasks like setting up direct deposits or sending wire transfers. This guide will cover Cathay Bank’s routing number, how to find it, and how to use it properly.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number refers to the 9-digit code that identifies a bank or credit union in the US. It directs payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic network.

Purpose of Routing Numbers

Routing numbers serve several key purposes:

  • Route funds to the correct financial institution
  • Enable electronic transfers and payments
  • Allow processing of checks and money orders
  • Identify bank branches and accounts

Structure of Routing Numbers

ACH routing numbers follow a specific format:

  • 9 digits long
  • First 2 digits identify Federal Reserve Bank
  • Next 7 digits pinpoint bank and branch
  • Final digit is a check digit

This standardized structure facilitates automated transfers between banks.

About Cathay Bank

Cathay Bank is a major US bank focused on serving the Asian-American community.


It was founded in 1962 in Los Angeles by Chinese American businessmen. It aimed to provide services to Asian immigrants when language and cultural barriers made banking difficult.

Today, it is the largest Asian-American bank in the US with over 60 branches across the country.


Cathay Bank offers full-service retail and commercial banking tailored for Asian Americans. Services include:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Mortgages and lending
  • Credit cards
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Wire transfers
  • Safety deposit boxes


Cathay Bank has branches in several states, including:

  • California
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Massachusetts

It also has a strong presence in metropolitan areas with large Asian populations.

Cathay Bank’s Routing Number

Cathay Bank has a single routing number used across all its branches: 322070381

This 9-digit code should be used for any transactions like wire transfers or direct deposits.

Wire Transfers

To send domestic or international wire transfers with Cathay Bank, you need to provide their routing number along with your account details. This will direct the funds properly through the ACH network.

Direct Deposits

When setting up direct deposit for your paycheck or benefits like Social Security, include Cathay Bank’s routing number so payments reach your account.

Online Bill Pay

You can use Cathay Bank’s routing number when paying bills online through their online banking portal. Adding it will connect the payment to your Cathay Bank account.

How to Find the Routing Number

There are a few easy ways to find Cathay Bank’s routing number if you need to confirm it.

On a Check

The quickest way is to look at the bottom left corner of any check from your Cathay Bank account. The first 9 digits are the routing number.

Online Resources

You can also find their routing number on resources like the Federal Reserve Financial Services website.

Contacting Cathay Bank

Calling any Cathay Bank branch or customer service will provide you with their routing number as well.

Uses of Cathay Bank’s Routing Number

Here are some of the most common ways you’ll need to use Cathay Bank’s routing number:

Setting up Direct Deposit

Provide Cathay Bank’s routing number along with your account number to your employer or benefits provider to have payments deposited directly.

Making Electronic Payments

Use Cathay Bank’s routing number when setting up one-time or recurring electronic payments from your Cathay account.

Wiring Money

Supply the routing number when wiring money domestically or internationally through Cathay Bank’s wire transfer services.

Tips for Using the Routing Number

Follow these tips to ensure smooth transactions when using Cathay Bank’s routing number:

Verifying Accuracy

Double-check that you have the right routing number before submitting any payment instructions or transfer forms.

Including on Payment Instructions

Always include the routing number along with your account number on any checks, payment forms, or letters to vendors.


What if I use the wrong routing number?

If you submit an incorrect routing number, the transaction will likely fail or the funds may be sent to the wrong account. Contact your bank immediately to stop the payment.

Can I use the routing number at any bank?

No, Cathay Bank’s routing number will only work for accounts at Cathay branches.

Is the routing number the same for all Cathay Bank branches?

Yes, all Cathay Bank branches use the same 9-digit routing number.

What happens if I enter the wrong account number?

If you enter the right routing number but wrong account number, the payment will still go to Cathay Bank but may credited to another customer’s account.

Who do I contact if I have issues with transfers?

Reach out to your local Cathay Bank branch or customer service for assistance if you have any problems with transfers using the routing number.


Cathay Bank’s routing number is a key piece of information to have when conducting financial transactions through your account. Always verify you have the correct 9-digit code and include it along with your account details when setting up payments or transfers. Knowing and properly using the routing number will help ensure your money moves quickly and securely.

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