Routing NumberAddressCityState
10620001162910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
20620039772910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
30621029332910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
40622010832910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
50622029562910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
60622038162910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
70622059372910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
80653000202910 W. JACKSON STTUPELOMS
10084104621PO DRAWER 789TUPELOMS

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9 digit code that identifies the financial institution that a payment should be routed through on its way to the correct account. It allows for the electronic transfer of money directly between banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. The routing number is essential for processing all kinds of electronic payments, including direct deposits, online bill payments, and wire transfers.


BANCORPSOUTH is a regional bank that serves the southern and midwestern United States. Headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, BANCORPSOUTH has over 300 locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas.


BANCORPSOUTH was founded in 1876 as the Bank of Grenada in Grenada, Mississippi. Over the next century, the bank expanded across the South through mergers and acquisitions. In 1999, the bank adopted the BANCORPSOUTH name to unite its different regional brands under one identity. Today, BANCORPSOUTH continues to grow, recently acquiring National United Bancshares Inc. and expanding into Texas.

BANCORPSOUTH’s Products and Services

BANCORPSOUTH offers a full range of banking products and services to individuals, businesses, and governments. This includes checking and savings accounts, mortgages, business loans, credit cards, wealth management, and more. The bank also provides sophisticated treasury management, international banking, and mortgage origination solutions.


BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number allows you to make electronic payments and transfers to recipients who bank at BANCORPSOUTH. BANCORPSOUTH has just one main routing number: 062200571.

This 9-digit code should be used for:

Wire Transfers

When sending domestic wire transfers to a BANCORPSOUTH account, you’ll need to provide the recipient’s account information along with BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number. This facilitates the electronic transfer of funds directly between banks.

Direct Deposits

You can use BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number to set up direct deposit for paychecks, Social Security benefits, or other regular payments. This allows the payer to deposit the funds directly into your BANCORPSOUTH account.

Bill Payments

To pay bills online from your BANCORPSOUTH account, you’ll need to input the routing number. This allows bills and payments to be processed electronically.

How to Find BANCORPSOUTH’s Routing Number

There are a few easy ways to find BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number:

On a Check

For personal accounts, the 9-digit routing number will be the first set of numbers printed on the bottom left corner of your checks.

Online Banking Account

If you log into your BANCORPSOUTH online banking account, the routing number is typically listed under account settings.


You can also call BANCORPSOUTH’s customer service line at 1-888-797-7711 and a representative can provide you with the correct routing number.

Uses of BANCORPSOUTH’s Routing Number

Knowing BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number opens up a world of convenient banking options. Here are a few things you can do:

Setting up Direct Deposit

Use the routing number to start direct deposit from your employer, the government, or other regular sources of income. Enjoy the convenience of automatic deposits into your BANCORPSOUTH account.

Paying Bills Online

Register the routing number at biller websites or in your online banking bill pay to easily pay bills from your BANCORPSOUTH account. No more writing and mailing checks!

Wiring Money Domestically

Providing BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number with a wire transfer allows you to quickly and securely send funds to others with BANCORPSOUTH accounts.

In summary, ACH routing numbers like the one for BANCORPSOUTH (062200571) are very useful for digitizing payments. By unlocking electronic transfers, direct deposits, online bill pay, and wire transfers, they make everyday banking processes fast and convenient.


BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number is the key that unlocks all kinds of digital banking conveniences. With so many options for electronic payments these days, it’s well worth taking the time to find your bank’s routing number and save it for future use. Understanding how to use routing numbers can help simplify your financial life.


What is BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number?

BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number is similar like 062200571 check The list Above. This 9-digit code serves as BANCORPSOUTH’s unique banking identifier on the ACH network.

Where can I find BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number?

BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number can be found at the bottom of checks, within your online banking account details, or by contacting BANCORPSOUTH customer service.

Can I use BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number for direct deposit?

Yes, BANCORPSOUTH’s routing number can be used to set up direct deposit from employers, government agencies, or other regular sources of income.

What is the format of an ACH routing number?

ACH routing numbers are always 9 digits long. They include a checksum digit at the end to detect errors in the number.

Is the routing number the same as the account number?

No, the routing number identifies the bank itself while the account number uniquely identifies the account holder’s specific account at the bank.

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