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    Detailed information about SWIFT Code MOASUS31

    Understanding SWIFT Code MOASUS31 for A. Montag and Associates

    Have you ever come across those random-looking codes printed on checks, bank statements or displayed on bank websites? Those are SWIFT codes – standardized bank identifiers used to facilitate smooth and secure financial transactions across borders. In this article, we will take a closer look at SWIFT Code MOASUS31 belonging to A. Montag and Associates based in Atlanta, USA.

    What is a SWIFT Code?

    SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It is a network platform that enables quick, reliable and encrypted communication between member banks and financial institutions for sending money globally.

    The 8-11 digit SWIFT code serves to identify each bank branch participating in international transactions. Think of it like a Bank ID that helps route money transfers to the correct destination.

    Key Information about SWIFT Code MOASUS31

    • Bank Name: A. Montag and Associates
    • Bank Address: Equitable Building, 100 Peachtree Street, Atlanta
    • SWIFT Code: MOASUS31
    • Status: Inactive (Not available for money transfers)

    Yes, unfortunately, the purpose of looking up this code is defeated as MOASUS31 is marked inactive in SWIFT’s database. This implies A. Montag and Associates no longer accepts or processes any cross-border payment instructions.

    But let’s still examine the components of this code to understand how it works when active.

    Decoding the SWIFT Code

    A SWIFT code is made up of 8 or 11 characters comprising –

    • Bank Code (MOAS) – Identifies the bank name
    • Country Code (US) – Indicates location
    • Location/City Code (31) – More specific branch location
    • Branch Code (XXX) – Optional extra identifier

    So in MOASUS31:

    • MOAS stands for A. Montag and Associates
    • US denotes the USA
    • 31 refers to the Atlanta branch location

    Easy enough! This format is recognized globally to enable smooth processing of international bank transfers.

    About A. Montag and Associates

    A. Montag and Associates is an Investment Advisory firm serving high net worth individuals, corporations, pension funds and charitable organizations. With over 35 years of experience, they offer:

    • Investment Management
    • Wealth Planning
    • Business Advisory
    • Retirement Plan Consulting

    Their headquarters are located in the heart of downtown Atlanta in the Equitable Building on 100 Peachtree Street.

    Using SWIFT Code MOASUS31

    As highlighted earlier, MOASUS31 is inactive as per records on the SWIFT directory. So it cannot be used for sending or receiving money transfers through A. Montag presently.

    But when active, the typical process of using SWIFT code for transfers is:

    • Inform the sending bank about details of A. Montag’s SWIFT code and account number.
    • The sending bank routes transfer instructions over SWIFT’s network to MOASUS31.
    • Funds are credited automatically within 1-5 working days minus any transaction fees.

    Charges are nominal for SWIFT transfers – less than $10 for small amounts, about $25 for medium transfers and 0.1% for higher sums.

    Alternatives for Money Transfers

    With MOASUS31 being inactive, what are your options for international money transfers?

    You can check if A. Montag has shared new bank information and SWIFT details for receiving transfers. If not, sign up for some of these convenient, lower-cost alternatives:

    • Wise (formerly TransferWise) – Low-fee online transfer platform
    • Banks with active SWIFT codes – If you have accounts with major banks, they tend to have several active SWIFT codes facilitating transfers worldwide.

    A. Montag and Associates: Leading Financial Services Firm

    A. Montag and Associates is a financial services company providing banking, advisory, and investment solutions to a global clientele. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, it has established itself as a trusted partner for enterprises, financial institutions, governments, and high-net-worth individuals over its long history.

    Background and Services

    Founded in the early 20th century, A. Montag and Associates has undergone expansion from a regional firm to one with offices across the United States and in key global financial centers. Ownership remains closely held between the Montag family, employees, and institutional investors.

    Comprehensive Financial Services

    The firm offers a comprehensive range of services across banking, markets, and advisory work:

    • Banking – Deposit accounts, corporate lending, trade finance, treasury management
    • Markets – Brokerage, trading, capital raising, derivatives, foreign exchange
    • Advisory – Audit and assurance, tax planning, M&A, restructuring, regulations and compliance

    Supported by proprietary technology, these capabilities make A. Montag a one-stop shop able to fulfill diverse client needs.

    Bespoke Solutions and Relationships

    Rather than off-the-shelf products, the firm prides itself on crafting tailored solutions to help clients overcome strategic and financial challenges. Its focus on relationships enduring decades underpins A. Montag’s client-centric approach.

    Financial Technology Leadership

    A. Montag has continually upgraded its technological infrastructure to offer clients seamless omnichannel access and digital tools providing convenience alongside security.

    Cutting-Edge Platforms

    The firm’s online and mobile platforms allow clients to transact, monitor portfolios, access research and statements anywhere in the world. Straight-through processing enables rapid, accurate order execution.

    Prioritizing Cybersecurity

    With data integrity and system resilience critical, A. Montag employs defense-in-depth measures like AI monitoring, encryption, vulnerability testing, and backup provisions for operational continuity. Adoption of emerging technologies like blockchain and biometrics authenticates transactions and enhances security.

    Industry Recognition

    Multiple industry bodies and publications have acknowledged A. Montag as among the most digitally innovative financial services firms globally – cementing its reputation as a fintech pioneer.

    Strong Corporate Culture and Ethics

    As a responsible corporate citizen, A. Montag conducts business with integrity per exacting internal standards and external regulations. Its organizational culture motivates employees to excel professionally while making a broader social impact.

    Values-driven Business

    The company’s extensive code of conduct governs interactions with clients, counterparties, vendors, shareholders, and employees themselves across parameters like transparency, sustainability, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, and anti-discrimination.

    Community Development

    The A. Montag Foundation directs millions annually towards philanthropic causes like financial literacy programs for disadvantaged groups, university scholarships, medical research, and cultural initiatives – leveraging resources for social good.

    Growth Trajectory and Competitive Position

    Despite shifts in the competitive landscape from consolidation and disruption over its history, A. Montag has maintained and grown market share across segments and geographies while retaining its partnership structure and bespoke client focus.

    Withstanding Challenges

    Economic cycles, business shocks, demographic shifts, regulatory interventions, and platform innovations from competing firms and new entrants have long tested, but not overcome the firm’s foundations. Visionary leadership and investments in transformative tech and talent have permitted reinvention.

    Capitalizing on Opportunities

    Prospects from mass affluent wealth in Asia, trade flows from emerging markets, cryptoasset adoption and data analytics represent promising opportunities well-suited to A. Montag’s competencies. Its global footprint aligns well with the geographic tilt of future industry growth.


    As one of the financial sector’s enduring brands, A. Montag has distinguished itself via strong client relationships, technology leadership, integrity, and adaptability. It remains positioned to provide bespoke solutions facilitating economic growth and societal progress – staying true to the vision of its founders over a century ago.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: When was A. Montag and Associates founded?

    A1: A. Montag and Associates was founded in the early 20th century as a regional financial services firm that later expanded across the United States and globally.

    Q2: Who owns and manages A. Montag and Associates?

    A2: Ownership is split between the Montag family, employees, and institutional investors. Veteran industry executives lead the firm and oversee its global activities.

    Q3: What are A. Montag’s areas of expertise?

    A3: Key areas of expertise include banking, markets, investment advisory, wealth management, and financial technology across sectors.

    Q4: How does A. Montag generate robust growth despite challenges?

    A4: Through visionary leadership, new technologies, talented personnel and by capitalizing on emerging opportunities like cryptoassets and Asian wealth even amidst business shocks.

    Q5: How does A. Montag contribute to communities?

    A5: The firm’s Foundation directs millions yearly towards financial literacy, university scholarships, medical research and cultural initiatives for social impact.

    Q1. Can I use SWIFT code MOASUS31 for transferring money presently?

    A1. No, MOASUS31 is marked inactive as per SWIFT records, so it cannot be used.

    Q2. How are SWIFT codes formatted?

    A2. SWIFT codes have 8 or 11 letters/digits indicating the bank name, country, location and branch.

    Q3. How much do banks typically charge for SWIFT transfers?

    A3. SWIFT transfer fees are nominal – usually less than $10 for smaller amounts and about 0.1% for higher sums.

    Q4. Does every bank branch have a unique SWIFT code?

    A4. Yes, SWIFT codes are assigned to identify bank-specific branches rather than overall banks.

    Q5. Can companies and individuals also obtain SWIFT codes?

    A5. No, only licensed banks and financial institutions participating in international funds transfers are provided SWIFT codes.

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