This SWIFT code is inactive.

COUNTRYUnited States
Detailed information about SWIFT Code LILCUS31

986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC

986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC is a company located in Wilmington, Delaware in the United States. The company’s background, history, and specific business operations are unknown based on publicly available information. However, some key details can be discerned related to its legal formation, SWIFT code status, and approaches for sending or receiving money via the company.

Key Details About the Company

Legal Formation and Ownership

986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC is likely a limited liability corporation (LLC) registered in Delaware, as indicated by its name. Without additional details, the ownership structure and leadership team cannot be confirmed.

Number of Employees

With limited public information, determining the number of people employed by 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC is not currently possible. As an LLC, it may have few or no direct employees.

Financial Performance

The company’s financial statements, profitability metrics, and other performance indicators are not disclosed publicly as an LLC. This makes assessing the scale and health of its operations difficult.

The Company’s SWIFT Code

The SWIFT code LILCUS31 is associated with 986 E 181ST ST LIHTC LLC, a company based in the United States. This code contains key details about the bank and can be used for initiating international money transfers. However, it is important to note that this particular SWIFT code is currently inactive.

Details of SWIFT Code LILCUS31

Complete Code Breakdown

The SWIFT code LILCUS31 breaks down as follows:

  • LILC – the bank code belonging to 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC
  • US – the country code indicating United States
  • 31 – the location code specifying Delaware

Inactive Status Meaning

This SWIFT code is currently marked as inactive in SWIFT’s database. This means it is invalid and should not be used for banking or wire transfer purposes.

Reasons for Inactive Status

Codes may become inactive if a company closes, merges with another entity, or ceases banking operations. The specific reasons for code LILCUS31’s inactive status is unspecified. Additional details from the company would be needed to determine why it was deactivated.

Sending or Receiving Money via the Company

Given the inactive status of 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC’s SWIFT code, transferring money via traditional wire payments is likely impossible. However, some alternatives exist.

Options for International Money Transfers

Using Services like Wise

Wise and similar fintech providers can facilitate international transfers without requiring SWIFT, though recipient bank account information would still be needed. This may not be possible with an inactive company.

Even though LILCUS31 is inactive, Wise can still be used for transferring money internationally to and from the United States. Wise often offers better exchange rates and lower fees than traditional banks. Payments through Wise also tend to arrive quicker thanks to their efficient processes.

Cost Savings

By using Wise instead of typical international bank transfers, you can save substantially on fees. Wise transactions cost up to 8x less than many bank transfers. These savings quickly add up, especially for frequent transfers.


In addition to the cost savings, Wise also focuses heavily on speed. They utilize smart technology and streamlined processes to ensure money arrives as quickly as possible. Most transfers are completed in 1-3 business days.

Breakdown of the Code

Below is a breakdown of what each component of the SWIFT code indicates:

  • LILC – The bank code for 986 E 181ST ST LIHTC LLC
  • US – Country code representing United States
  • 31 – Location code
  • XXX – Branch code (unused)

Limits Due to Inactive SWIFT Code

An inactive code essentially blocks wire transfers sent directly through banks on the SWIFT network. Unless the company provides updated, valid details, sending or receiving money via SWIFT is not feasible.

Alternatives to This Company for Transfers

Valid bank account details at operational financial institutions would be required for money transfers or payroll if 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC cannot facilitate this due to inactivity. Most transfers would need redirected through another active provider.

The Company’s Banking and Contact Information

Full Legal Address and Contact Details

According to SWIFT’s database, 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC’s address is:

Corporation Trust Center
1209 Orange Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Additional contact information like phone, email, website, or hours is unavailable. This suggests limited functionality as a business if clients cannot easily reach the company.

Related Banking Institutions

With an inactive SWIFT code and no additional details provided publicly, determining related banks or branches associated with the company is difficult. Up-to-date information directly from 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC would be needed to confirm any operational banking partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the code inactive?

The reasons for deactivating code LILCUS31 cannot be confirmed without statements from the company itself. Financial industry codes may become inactive due to corporate changes, transitions, mergers, closures, etc.

What happens if money is sent to the code?

Attempting wire transfers to inactive SWIFT codes often results in rejection by the intermediary banks and return of funds to the sender. However, outcomes may vary and sending money to inactive codes is risky.

How to validate bank details before transfers?

To validate details, directly contact the recipient company via phone, email, etc. to verify account numbers, SWIFT code status, routing information, and beneficiary names before sending funds. Do not rely on details from third parties only.

Can inactive codes be reactivated?

Yes, SWIFT codes can be reactivated if the company petitions SWIFT with updated banking details and credentials that meet requirements. The potential for or timeline of reactivating LILCUS31 specifically is unknown.

Are there risks related to inactive codes?

Inactive SWIFT codes present risks of financial loss, fraud, rejected transactions, delays, and disclosure of account details during failed transfer attempts. Mistakenly sending funds to inactive codes can create significant issues.

Q: What location is 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC based in?

A: According to SWIFT code records, the company is registered in Wilmington, Delaware in the United States with a corporate legal address at Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801.

Q: How can I contact someone at 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC with further questions?

A: Unfortunately, publicly available details do not include any phone, email, website, or contact personnel related to the company. Without additional information from the company directly, contacting them for inquiries appears difficult.

Q: Is it possible to transfer funds to or from an inactive SWIFT code like LILCUS31?

A: In most situations, sending or receiving wires transfers via banks is very unlikely with an inactive SWIFT code. Updated banking details would be required from the company itself to facilitate any financial transactions, if the company still maintains active banking operations.

Q: What entity category is 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC classified under in terms of its business structure?

A: The designation of “LIHTC LLC” in its name indicates that 986 E 181st St is likely structured as a limited liability corporation or LLC in the state of Delaware where it is registered. This is a common corporate formation.

Q: Could reactivating code LILCUS31 resolve the issues with transferring money via this company?

A: Potentially, if 986 E 181st St LIHTC LLC petitioned SWIFT to reactivate the code by meeting eligibility criteria and providing updated banking account data tied to the code. But without more insight from the company, the prospects for reactivation remain uncertain.


In summary, SWIFT code LILCUS31 is intended for 986 E 181ST ST LIHTC LLC transfers but is currently inactive. Nonetheless, services like Wise can still facilitate affordable and fast money transfers to and from the United States. The key details of this SWIFT code include the associated LLC, country code, and bank code. When sending or receiving international payments, it’s advised to consider cost-saving services before using bank wire transfers.

Key Details

  • LILCUS31 is the full 11-character SWIFT code
  • It is associated with 986 E 181ST ST LIHTC LLC in the United States
  • This particular SWIFT code is inactive

Using Wise

  • Wise offers lower fees and faster transfers compared to banks
  • Great option for international money transfers to and from US
  • Can save substantially on costs compared to bank wires

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