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Detailed information about SWIFT Code FSBWUS62

1st Security Bank of Washington

1st Security Bank of Washington is a community bank that was founded in 1936 in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. With over 85 years of service, 1st Security Bank provides banking and financial services to consumers and businesses across Washington state.

Overview and History

1st Security Bank was founded during the Great Depression by a group of 15 business people that wanted to create a community bank focused on providing personalized services and building long-lasting relationships. Over its long history, the bank has expanded to offer full-service banking solutions across personal, business and commercial banking.

Today, 1st Security Bank operates over 20 branches located primarily in western Washington towns and cities like Bellevue, Kirkland, Edmonds and Walla Walla among others. It remains dedicated to its founding principles of community banking and customer service.

Locations and Branches

Address and Location of 1st Security Bank HQ

As seen earlier, the bank’s longtime headquarters remains at its founding location:

6920 220TH STREET SW

This address matches the location details encoded within the SWIFT code breakdown.

The bank’s headquarters remains in Mountlake Terrace at its 6920 220th Street SW address. This is also home to one of its many banking branches that serve communities throughout the region.

1st Security has grown substantially from its early days as a small Snohomish County bank. It now operates branches ranging from King County down towards Vancouver. The bank’s website includes a branch locator to help customers find the nearest location.

Products and Services Offered

As a full-service banking provider, 1st Security Bank offers consumers and businesses many products covering their financial needs. Personal banking solutions include checking and savings accounts, mortgages, home equity loans, and more. The bank also provides commercial banking and lending options.

Using SWIFT Codes for Money Transfers

SWIFT codes play an important role in seamless global money transfers between banks and financial institutions. They serve as a standard system for identifying banks worldwide.

What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT codes consist of 8 to 11 character identifiers that provide key details about a bank and its branches.

Information encoded in a SWIFT code includes the bank name, country, location, and branch among other data. This allows automated transfer systems to route international wires and payments.

How SWIFT Codes Work

SWIFT codes act like routing numbers that help interconnect the vast financial system webbing together banks and institutions globally. These codes provide a standard format for sending critical data alongside money transfers.

The identifying details in a code enable smooth transfers between banks located even in different countries. The structured format allows fast automated lookups to verify recipient accounts.

Benefits of Using SWIFT Codes

Some key advantages that SWIFT codes provide for wire transfers include:

  • Accuracy in identifying recipient bank accounts for fund routing
  • Speeding up transfer time by enabling automated lookups
  • Error reduction compared to manual data entry
  • Standard format across thousands of banks globally

Key Details About SWIFT Code FSBWUS62

Now that we’ve covered the basics of SWIFT codes, let’s look at key details encoded within the 1st Security Bank code – FSBWUS62.

Definition of the Code Breakdown

The above code contains a mix of letters and numbers that relay critical bank details including:

Bank Code – FSBW

This 4 character bank code identifies the 1st Security Bank of Washington.

Country Code – US

This 2 character code indicates the United States location of the bank.

Location Code – 62

This identifies the geographic region of the bank branch.

Branch Code – XXX

This optional branch code is not utilized in this SWIFT code.

Money Transfer Options

Customers can save on international transfer fees by using services like Wise instead of traditional bank wires. Wise offers faster transfer times at lower costs.

Using the SWIFT Code

The 1st Security Bank of Washington SWIFT code has several key uses, including:

International Wire Transfers

The SWIFT code identifies the 1st Security Bank of Washington to route international payments.

Receiving International Payments

Providing the SWIFT code helps ensure international payments reach your 1st Security Bank of Washington account.

Save on Fees with Wise

Wise charges lower fees compared to most banks for international transfers while delivering funds quicker.


In summary, SWIFT codes like 1st Security Bank’s FSBWUS62 serve as standardized identifiers to facilitate cross-border money transfers. These codes provide key details on bank locations and branches essential for routing funds quickly and accurately around the world. As international wire volumes grow, SWIFT codes help connect the worldwide web of banks and financial systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other major banks in Washington state?

Besides 1st Security Bank, other large Washington banks include U.S. Bank, KeyBank, Heritage Bank, and BECU credit union. Many national banks also operate Washington branches.

Does 1st Security Bank operate entirely within Washington?

While focused primarily across Washington state, 1st Security Bank does operate some branches in Oregon border towns like Vancouver. However, most of its 20+ locations are within Washington.

What types of business banking services does 1st Security Provide?

1st Security Bank offers various commercial banking solutions from checking/savings accounts to commercial loans real estate lending, and more tailored for business needs.

Can I access my 1st Security Bank account online?

Yes, the bank offers online banking access for account management, bill pay, transfers, statements and other convenient services through online and mobile platforms.

Does 1st Security Bank require a SWIFT code for domestic transfers?

No, SWIFT codes are only used to process cross-border international money transfers. Domestic bank wires within the U.S. use domestic routing numbers instead.

What is the full name of SWIFT code FSBWUS62?


Where is 1st Security Bank of Washington located?

Their main branch is located at 6920 220th Street SW, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043.

How do I use the SWIFT code to transfer money?

Provide the FSBWUS62 code along with your 1st Security Bank of Washington account details when initiating an international wire transfer or funds transfer.

Does Wise integrate with 1st Security Bank?

While Wise is an independent international money transfer service, you can use your 1st Security Bank accounts to connect Wise to directly debit or credit funds.

Who regulates SWIFT codes?

SWIFT codes are regulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Banks also must comply with domestic regulations when processing international transactions utilizing SWIFT.

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