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Detailed information about SWIFT Code PMFAUS66

Overview of 1ST PMF Bancorp

1ST PMF Bancorp is a financial institution based in Los Angeles, California. It has a history of providing banking services to personal and business customers in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. The bank operates multiple branch locations in the region to serve its customers.

1ST PMF Bancorp offers a full range of banking services including checking and savings accounts, debit/ATM cards, online banking, mobile banking, wire transfers, and more. As a bank focused on serving its local community, 1ST PMF Bancorp aims to meet the needs of Los Angeles residents and businesses for their everyday banking requirements.

Understanding SWIFT Codes

Before diving into the specifics of 1ST PMF Bancorp’s SWIFT code, it helps to understand what exactly SWIFT codes are and how they work.

What is a SWIFT code

SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. A SWIFT code is a unique identifier for financial institutions that engages in international transactions. It allows seamless communication related to financial transactions between banks globally.

SWIFT codes consist of 8 to 11 alphanumeric characters that provide details like the bank name, location, and country. This standardized format helps route cross border payments correctly to the destination banks.

SWIFT code components

The components in a typical SWIFT code are:

  • Bank Code – Identifies the bank name
  • Country Code – Indicates country location
  • Location Code – Pinpoints geographical location of branch
  • Branch Code – Optional code for specific branch

SWIFT code for 1ST PMF Bancorp

The SWIFT code assigned to 1ST PMF Bancorp is PMFAUS66. We will analyze what each component means in the next section.

SWIFT Code PMFAUS66 Details

SWIFT Code Breakdown

Let’s break down the SWIFT code PMFAUS66 to understand what each section represents:

  • PMFA – This 4 letter bank code stands for 1ST PMF BANCORP
  • US – The country code US signifies United States
  • 66 – This location code indicates the bank’s presence in the Los Angeles area

Associated Information

Along with the SWIFT code, some other key details associated with it are:

  • Bank Name: 1ST PMF BANCORP
  • Address: 9701 W PICO BLVD, FLOOR 1, LOS ANGELES
  • Country: United States

This information clearly identifies the financial institution and its location for seamless processing of banking transactions.

Location and branches

1ST PMF Bancorp has its main branch located at:

Address: 9701 W Pico Blvd, Floor 1, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States

This is the bank’s corporate headquarters and primary branch in LA. They have additional locations in nearby cities as well.

Sending money via SWIFT

To send money via SWIFT to a beneficiary’s account held with 1ST PMF Bancorp, you need to provide the following details to your bank or money transfer operator:

  • Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Account Number
  • 1ST PMF Bancorp SWIFT Code (PMFAUS66)
  • 1ST PMF Bancorp Address

Providing the accurate details, money can be sent quickly and securely via SWIFT.

Fees and charges

Banks and money transfer operators charge a SWIFT fee on international transfers ranging from $10 to $50 per transaction depending on account type and locations involved. You may also be charged currency conversion fees if sending money in foreign currency.


SWIFT payments from major banks can take 24-48 hours to reach but timings also depend on amount being sent. SWIFT payments over holidays or weekends may take 1-2 business days extra.

Receiving money via SWIFT

To receive money from abroad via SWIFT directly into your 1ST PMF Bancorp account, you need to provide the sender with the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your 1ST PMF Bancorp Account Number
  • 1ST PMF Bancorp’s SWIFT Code (PMFAUS66)
  • 1ST PMF Bancorp Address

With the right details funds can be sent to your account quickly.

Tracking payments

1ST PMF Bancorp offers online banking where login enables customers to check incoming and outgoing transfers, balances, transactions history and more to easily track payments.

You can also contact 1ST PMF Bancorp support or your sending bank/operator for transfer status updates.

Using PMFAUS66 for International Transfers

Benefits of Using Wise

Lower fees

When sending money internationally via banks, heavy fees ranging from $20 to $50 or more apply per transfer along with poor exchange rates.

Fee comparisons
Banks$20 – $50+ per transfer
Wise1% of transferred amount or lower + small flat fee

As you can see, Wise offers significantly lower fees especially for larger transfers.

Faster transfers

In addition to lower fees, Wise leverages latest technology to make international money transfers faster.

Speed comparisons
ProviderTransfer Speed
Banks1 – 3 business days on average
Wise24 hours or lesser in most cases

By using Wise, you save on time as money reaches sooner.

Step-By-Step Guide

Sending money via 1ST PMF Bancorp’s SWIFT code

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to send money internationally to a recipient’s account held with 1ST PMF Bancorp using SWIFT:

Creating your transfer

Log in to your bank account online or visit your nearest branch. Create a new international money transfer order for the desired amount and select SWIFT as transfer method.

Adding recipient details

Enter the following transfer details accurately when prompted:

  • Beneficiary Full Name
  • Beneficiary Account Number
  • SWIFT Code: PMFAUS66
  • Beneficiary Bank: 1ST PMF Bancorp
  • Address: 9701 W Pico Blvd, Floor 1, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States

Processing and tracking

Submit transfer order and make payment. You will receive a tracking reference number that can be used to track status updates on transfer progress.

Receiving money via 1ST PMF Bancorp’s SWIFT code

Follow this easy guide to receive international money directly into your 1ST PMF Bancorp bank account using SWIFT:

Providing sender your details

Give the sender your complete account details:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your 1ST PMF Bancorp Account Number
  • 1ST PMF Bancorp SWIFT Code: PMFAUS66
  • 1ST PMF Bancorp Address: 9701 W Pico Blvd, Floor 1, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States

Tracking your incoming transfer

Once money is on the way, track incoming transfers via 1ST PMF Bancorp’s online banking or contacting support. Notify sender if issues.


What are some alternatives?

Some alternatives to bank SWIFT transfers are using remittance companies like Wise or WorldRemit that may offer better rates and faster transfers. Cryptocurrency transfers are another option.

Can I make transfers on weekends?

Most SWIFT transfers only process on business days and may take 1-2 extra days if initiated on weekends or holidays. Some remittances like Wise do operate 24/7.

How do SWIFT codes prevent fraud?

The unique IDs confirm financial institution details, preventing fraudulent transfers from reaching wrong accounts, blocking frauds.

How long do SWIFT transfers take?

SWIFT payments usually take 24 to 48 hours but can vary depending on amounts, routes, holidays/weekends adding 1-3 days more. Direct remittances are often faster.

What happens if I enter the wrong details?

If even slight errors are made in SWIFT codes or other details, transfers may be rejected, delayed, or misrouted causing problems. Double check details


Summary of Key Details

In summary, the key information highlighted in this article includes:

  • Overview of services offered by 1ST PMF Bancorp
  • Understanding what a SWIFT code is and its components
  • Breakdown of 1ST PMF Bancorp’s SWIFT Code PMFAUS66
  • Using PMFAUS66 with Wise transfers for cheaper and faster international money movement

Leveraging Wise for cross border transfers with 1ST PMF Bancorp can make the process more affordable and efficient. This offers flexibility in managing your finances globally.

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