Routing NumberAddressCityState
1062103259P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
2062103903P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
3062104203P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
4062105338P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
5062200482P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
6062203269P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
7062203706P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
8063205208P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
9063212987P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
10065103654P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
11065300279P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
12065305151P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
13084006729PO BOX 291JACKSONMS
14084008028PO BOX 291JACKSONMS
15084008358PO BOX 291JACKSONMS
16084302122P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
17084304573P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
18113024177P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS
19313074493P.O. BOX 291JACKSONMS

What is an ACH Routing Number?

ACH routing numbers are essential for seamlessly facilitating electronic payments like direct deposits and online bill payments. Each banking institution is assigned a unique routing number to identify transactions. This article will focus on the ACH US Routing Number for Trustmark National Bank. We’ll cover what routing numbers are, their specific structure, how to find the routing number for Trustmark National Bank, and how they are used for common financial transactions.

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies a specific financial institution for the purpose of electronic payments. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is the payment network used for electronic fund transfers in the US.

Purpose of Routing Numbers

Routing numbers serve to route payments to the correct bank accounts. Just as a ZIP code routes mail to the proper postal address, a routing number ensures an electronic payment reaches the intended recipient. This prevents funds from being misdirected.

Structure of Routing Numbers

ACH routing numbers always contain 9 digits. The first 8 digits identify the bank, while the last digit is a checksum that validates the routing number. Routing numbers follow a specific format regulated by the American Bankers Association.


Details about Trustmark National Bank

Trustmark National Bank is a prominent financial institution with a strong presence in the southeastern United States. It offers a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and communities. To facilitate electronic transactions seamlessly, Trustmark National Bank has been assigned a unique ACH US Routing Number.


The routing number assigned to Trustmark National Bank is 9 digit code like a format 113024177

This 9-digit code uniquely identifies Trustmark National Bank for initiating ACH transfers and other electronic payments. When setting up direct deposits or online bill pay, use this routing number to ensure funds reach accounts at Trustmark National Bank.

How to Find the Routing Number for a Bank

If you need to lookup the routing number for any bank, there are a few places you can readily find it.

On Checks

For checking accounts, the routing number will be the first 9 digits printed on the bottom left corner of checks.

On Bank Statements

The routing number also appears on bank account statements, usually towards the beginning.

Contact the Bank

You can call or visit your bank branch and request the routing number for your specific account type.

Lookup Tools

The Federal Reserve has a free routing number lookup Tool on their website that allows you to search for routing numbers by bank name, location and more.

Uses of Routing Numbers

Routing numbers are commonly used to facilitate:

Direct Deposits

Setting up direct deposit for payroll or government benefits requires providing the appropriate routing number to the payer.

Bill Payments

Online bill payment services use routing numbers to pull funds electronically from your account.

Wire Transfers

Wiring money between banks requires both account and routing numbers for accurate transfers.

Troubleshooting Invalid Routing Numbers

Sometimes routing numbers can lead to transactions being rejected if they are entered incorrectly. Here is how to troubleshoot:

Double check the number

Carefully verify all digits in the routing number match your bank’s assigned number.

Contact the bank

Your bank can confirm the correct routing number for your specific branch and account.

Update payees with new number

If your routing number has changed, payees like employers will need the updated number.

Routing Number vs Account Number

Routing numbers are often mixed up with account numbers. Here’s how they differ:

Difference between routing number and account number

The routing number identifies the bank itself while the account number uniquely identifies your personal bank account.

Where to find account number

The account number will be available on your bank checks and account statements, separate from the routing number.

How routing numbers enable smooth transactions

ACH routing numbers act as a key identifier to route funds to the proper accounts. They enable a fast, smooth, and error-free process for electronic payments and transfers. Providing the correct routing number is crucial for transactions to be completed successfully.


Key takeaways

  • Routing numbers are 9-digit codes that facilitate electronic bank transfers and payments
  • Each banking institution has its unique routing number
  • Trustmark National Bank’s routing number is 065400137
  • Routing numbers can be found on checks, statements, by contacting your bank, or using lookup tools


What is a wire transfer?

A wire transfer is an electronic payment directly processed from one bank account to another. Wire transfers involve initiating immediate account-to-account funds transfers rather than using checks or ACH payments.

Can I make a payment without a routing number?

Routing numbers are necessary for all electronic payments and transfers between banks. Without a routing number, you cannot do direct deposits, online bill pay, or wire transfers. The only payment option without a routing number is cash or check payments.

Are all routing numbers 9 digits?

Yes, all ACH routing numbers in the United States are comprised of 9 digits according to conventions set by the American Bankers Association. This standardized format allows for accurate routing of electronic payments.

Is there a public database of routing numbers?

Yes, the Federal Reserve maintains an online lookup tool open to the public to search for routing numbers of financial institutions across the United States. Users can search by bank name, location and other details.

Can I change the routing number on my checks?

No, you cannot change routing numbers printed on existing checks provided by your bank. If your bank’s routing number changes, they will issue new checks with the updated routing number. You will need to discard old checks and use new ones.

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