Routing NumberAddressCityState
2081509737JUNCTION HWYS. 76,86 & 37CASSVILLEMO
308151223218479 MAIN STEMINENCEMO
508151860518479 MAIN STEMINENCEMO
6082907558105 RUBY ST.STEPHENSAR
7084303545P.O. BOX 1209PARISTN
8084307790P.O. BOX 525DYERSBURGTN
10091806242PO BOX 278NEW AUBURNWI
11091905512PO BOX 218GLENCOEMN
13091916048PO BOX 218GLENCOEMN
14091916161PO BOX 218GLENCOEMN
15101000925BOX 171297KANSAS CITYKS
16101000967BOX 171297KANSAS CITYKS
17101001351BOX 171297KANSAS CITYKS
19101101785BOX 171297KANSAS CITYKS
20101212153P O BOX 9RICH HILLMO
21101217750PO BOX 9RICH HILLMO
2210310221610727 E. 51ST STTULSAOK
25111321270600 N. MARIENFELD, STE 200MIDLANDTX
27111906349P O BOX 90CRAWFORDTX
29112322634P.O. BOX 7197ODESSATX
30114917319P.O. BOX 7197ODESSATX
31262286455301 THIRD AVEJASPERAL


Understanding your bank’s ACH routing number is important for sending and receiving ACH payments properly. This article provides an overview of ACH routing numbers and specifics on the routing number for SECURITY BANK.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the bank where a checking account is held. It is used to route payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, which facilitates electronic payments and money transfers.

ACH routing numbers are also sometimes referred to as ABA routing numbers or routing transit numbers (RTNs).

Why Do You Need the Routing Number?

The routing number is essential for sending or receiving ACH payments to/from a bank account.

For direct deposits, such as payroll, you need to provide the employer or payer with your account number and routing number. This allows them to initiate an ACH credit to your account.

For direct debits, such as bill payments, you provide the billing company with your account and routing number. This authorizes them to debit your account.

Without the correct routing number, ACH transfers cannot be processed properly. The routing number tells the ACH network where to direct the funds.

Where to Find the Routing Number

There are a few places you can find the ACH routing number for your bank account:

On a Check

At the bottom left corner of a check, there is a 9-digit number to the left of the account number. This is the ABA routing number that is used for ACH transactions.

Online Banking

Most banks list the ACH routing number for each account in online banking. It may be shown under account settings or details.

Contact Your Bank

You can also call or visit your bank to ask for the official ACH routing number on your account. A bank employee can provide or confirm the number.

What is the ACH Network?

Before diving into the specifics of SECURITY BANK’s routing number, it helps to understand how the ACH network functions.

Automated Clearing House

The ACH network is an electronic funds transfer system that facilitates payments in the United States. ACH payments move funds between banks through the Automated Clearing House network.

It is run by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and the Federal Reserve Banks. It allows for efficient, cost-effective direct debit and credit transactions.

How ACH Transactions Work

ACH payments follow a standard process:

ACH Credit Transactions

  • The originating bank receives payment instructions from the account holder. This could be an individual or a company initiating direct deposits.
  • The originator sends ACH credit files through the ACH network to the receiving bank.
  • The receiving bank credits the funds into the designated account. For example, an employer initiating payroll.

ACH Debit Transactions

  • The originating bank receives debit authorization from the account holder. For instance, to pay a utility bill.
  • The originator sends ACH debit files to the receiving bank through the ACH system.
  • The receiving bank debits the account and forwards the funds to the originating bank.

The transactions are settled efficiently through the network’s clearing and settlement process.

ACH Network Participants

There are three core participants in ACH payments:

Originating Depository Financial Institutions

The banks that receive payment instructions and send ACH transactions through the network.

Receiving Depository Financial Institutions

The banks that receive ACH transactions and credit or debit the receiver’s account accordingly.

Federal Reserve Banks

The Federal Reserve acts as the central clearing facility, settling entries and funds movement between participating banks.

Understanding the Components of an ACH Routing Number

ACH routing numbers are comprised of three components:

ABA Routing Number

This 9-digit identification code identifies the financial institution. It is assigned by Accuity, the official registrar of ABA institution codes.

Institution Code

This identifies the specific branch or location of an institution. It is assigned by the financial institution.

ABA Check Digit

This is a mathematical formula that validates the ABA routing number. The check digit enables errors to be detected.

How to Validate an ACH Routing Number

To ensure you have a valid routing number, there are two methods to validate it:

Modulus Check

This checks that the ABA routing number conforms to the modulus 10 formula used in the check digit.

You can use an online modulus checker tool for validation.

Lookup Tools

You can also validate against ABA routing number directories, such as the Federal Reserve Financial Services reference tables.

This allows you to lookup the institution and branch associated with the routing number.

Common Uses of ACH Routing Numbers

ACH routing numbers are integral to several common types of ACH transfers:

Direct Deposit of Payroll

Employers can send payroll funds to employee accounts using ACH credits and the employees’ account/routing numbers.

Direct Debit of Bills and Payments

Consumers can authorize deductions from their checking account to pay bills such as utilities. ACH debits pull the funds using account and routing numbers.

Business-to-Business Payments

Companies can pay vendors and conduct other B2B transactions efficiently over the ACH network using routing numbers.

ACH Routing Number for SECURITY BANK

Now that we’ve reviewed ACH routing basics, let’s look at the specifics for SECURITY BANK.


SECURITY BANK is a well-established financial institution known for its commitment to customer security. With a strong presence in the banking industry, it offers a wide range of financial services to its customers.


Every bank in the United States has its unique ACH routing number. SECURITY BANK’s ACH routing number is essential for anyone looking to initiate electronic transactions with the bank. This number ensures that your funds reach the intended recipient securely and without any hiccups.

How to Find SECURITY BANK ACH Routing Number

Locating SECURITY BANK’s ACH routing number is a straightforward process. You can usually find it on your checks, bank statements, or by contacting the bank directly. It’s essential to have this number on hand when setting up electronic transactions, such as direct deposits or bill payments.

Valid ACH Routing Number for SECURITY BANK

The correct ACH routing number for accounts at SECURITY BANK is:

104995599 is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number)

This 9-digit number is used for electronic funds transfers via the ACH network.

When initiating ACH payments to or from an account at SECURITY BANK, use 104995599 as the routing number.

Double check that you enter the routing number accurately to avoid payment processing errors or delays.

This overview covers the key details about ACH routing and provides the specific routing number for use with SECURITY BANK. Correct routing numbers are essential for smooth ACH payments, so be sure to validate the number and use the right one for your bank and account

The Importance of ACH Routing Numbers in Banking

ACH routing numbers are the backbone of secure and efficient electronic money transfers. They ensure that your hard-earned money goes where it’s supposed to, and they play a pivotal role in preventing fraud and errors in transactions.

How ACH Transactions Work

Understanding the inner workings of ACH transactions can provide insight into why routing numbers are so crucial. ACH transactions involve the transfer of funds between accounts electronically, making them faster and more convenient than traditional paper checks.

Security Measures for ACH Transactions

Given the increasing concern about cybersecurity, it’s essential to know that ACH transactions are secure. Financial institutions like SECURITY BANK employ robust security measures to protect your sensitive information during electronic transfers.

Benefits of Using ACH for Banking

Now that we’ve explored ACH routing numbers and their importance, let’s discuss the advantages of using ACH for your banking needs. ACH transactions offer speed, convenience, and security, making them an excellent choice for various financial activities.


An ACH routing number identifies the bank and branch that holds an account and allows for seamless processing of direct electronic payments. The routing number is a 9-digit code needed for both credit and debit ACH transactions like payroll deposits and bill payments. For accounts held at SECURITY BANK, the valid ACH routing number is 104995599. By using the proper routing number, consumers and businesses alike can avoid issues with ACH transfers and enjoy the speed and convenience of electronic payments.


Q: Can the routing number change?

A: Yes, periodically banks can be assigned a new routing number, so it’s good to validate that your number is still current.

Q: Where is the routing number on my checks?

A: It will be the left-most 9-digit number at the bottom of the check, to the left of the account number.

Q: Is the routing number the same for checking and savings accounts?

A: Usually yes, since it identifies the bank itself. But some banks may use different routing numbers, so check for each account.

Q: Are routing numbers only used for ACH transactions?

A: No, they can also be used for wire transfers and other electronic funds transfers between banks.

Q: Can I use the routing number to identify the bank?

A: Yes, ABA routing numbers are specific to each banking institution. So the number provides identification of the originating bank.

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