ACH US Routing Number – S & T BANK

Routing NumberAddressCityState
2031311674324 N 4TH STINDIANAPA
3031317636324 N 4TH STINDIANAPA
4043306855324 N 4TH STINDIANAPA
11043316256324 N 4TH ST.INDIANAPA
12043318814324 N 4TH STINDIANAPA
13243373206324 N 4TH STREETINDIANAPA

ACH US Routing Number – S & T BANK

ACH Routing Number

Definition and purpose

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution where a bank account is held. Routing numbers allow for the electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another across the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. The routing number provides instructions on where funds should be deposited or withdrawn from.

Structure and components

ACH routing numbers consist of a total of nine digits. The first 8 digits identify the bank itself while the 9th digit is a check digit that validates the routing number. Routing numbers follow a standardized format and are assigned by the American Bankers Association.

ACH Routing Numbers for S&T Bank

About S&T Bank

Overview and history

S&T Bank first opened in 1902 in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Now headquartered in Indiana, PA, S&T Bank provides retail and commercial banking services primarily in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The bank has expanded through new branches and acquisitions over the years. As of 2022, S&T Bank operates over 270 branch and office locations.

Locations and services

In addition to traditional checking and savings accounts, S&T Bank offers services including loans, mortgages, credit cards, and wealth management. The bank serves both individual and business customers. S&T Bank locations can be found across Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan and West Virginia.

S&T Bank’s ACH Routing Number

Primary routing number

The main ACH routing number for S&T Bank is 043315561 is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number). This 9-digit code should be used for setting up direct deposits or making electronic transfers to and from accounts held at S&T Bank.

Secondary routing number

S&T Bank has a second routing number that may be used for ACH transactions. The secondary routing number is like a format 043102152. This is an alternate option that still routes deposits and transfers to S&T Bank.

Wire transfer routing number

For incoming wire transfers, the wire routing number for S&T Bank is 9 digit like 043101114. This number specifically applies to wire transfers as opposed to general ACH transfers.

Locating S&T Bank’s Routing Number

On a check

For those with a checking account at S&T Bank, the most convenient place to find the routing number is on the bottom left corner of a check. The series of numbers to the far left is the routing number.

On S&T Bank’s website

The routing numbers are also provided on S&T Bank’s website, typically under the Help & Support section. The routing numbers may be listed under topics like direct deposit setup, wire transfers, or account verification.

By contacting S&T Bank

Customers can always call or visit their local S&T Bank branch to speak with a representative and confirm the appropriate routing number. A banker will be able to provide the number directly.

Using S&T Bank’s Routing Number for Direct Deposits

Setting up direct deposit

With your employer

To set up direct deposit of your paycheck to S&T Bank, provide your employer with the bank’s routing number along with your individual account number. This allows your pay to be automatically deposited each pay period.

For government benefits

The routing number can also be used to have government benefits, such as social security or tax refunds, directly deposited into a S&T Bank account.

Providing the routing number

When setting up direct deposit, clearly indicate that the routing number provided is specifically for S&T Bank. Double check that the full 9-digit routing number is correct before submitting it.

Timing of direct deposits

With the routing number on file, direct deposits from employers or the government typically take effect within 1-2 pay cycles. Funds are automatically deposited on the scheduled date.

Using the Routing Number for Electronic Transfers

Overview of ACH transfers

Definition and process

ACH transfers utilize bank routing numbers and account numbers to electronically transfer money from one bank account to another. No paper checks are involved. Rather, the transaction occurs over the secure ACH network.

Types of electronic transfers

Common ACH transfers include direct deposit, online bill pay, peer-to-peer (P2P) payments like Zelle, electronic loan payments, and account-to-account transfers.

Sending funds to S&T Bank

To send an electronic transfer to a recipient at S&T Bank, provide the recipient’s account number and S&T Bank’s routing number format like 043318092 . This allows money to be transferred to the recipient’s account.

Receiving funds from S&T Bank

To receive funds from someone with an account at S&T Bank, provide them your account number and S&T Bank’s routing number. Transfers can be initiated from their S&T Bank account using the routing number.

Benefits of ACH Transfers

  1. Speed: ACH transfers are typically faster than traditional paper checks, ensuring that your funds are accessible when you need them.
  2. Security: ACH transactions are highly secure, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized access to your funds.
  3. Convenience: With ACH transfers, you can automate bill payments, saving time and ensuring you never miss a due date.

Troubleshooting Routing Number Issues

Rejected transfers

Verifying the routing number

If a transfer is rejected, first double check that you have the correct S&T Bank routing number entered for example (043318092 or 043102152). Also verify your own account number is entered properly.

Contacting S&T Bank

If the issue persists, contact S&T Bank to confirm you’re using a valid routing number for transfers. The bank can also look into any rejected transactions and potentially resolve transfer issues.

Delays in transfers

Holidays and processing times

Transfers initiated on weekends or holidays may be delayed an extra business day or two. Also allow several business days for new direct deposit setups to take effect.

Follow up with payee or payer

For any extended transfer delays or payments that seem missing, follow up with the bank or entity that sent or is supposed to receive the money. They can investigate missing payments or transfers.

Routing Number Safety and Security

Keeping the routing number protected

A bank’s routing number is sensitive information that should be kept protected like any other financial data. Never post or publicly share a routing number, as it could lead to potential fraud.

Recognizing fraudulent requests

Take caution if anyone contacts you unexpectedly requesting your routing number or account details. Legitimate entities will never ask for this over unsolicited calls, emails, or texts.

Reporting unauthorized activity

If you notice any suspicious transactions or activity in your S&T Bank account, notify the bank immediately to report it. This can help prevent any further unauthorized use.


S&T Bank’s routing number allows for the electronic transfer of funds to and from accounts at the bank. The primary 9-digit ACH routing number for S&T Bank that should be used for direct deposits and electronic transfers is 043318092 is an example (see table above for accurate ACH Routing Number). Customers can locate the routing number on checks, the bank website, or by contacting the bank. The routing number enables a secure connection over the ACH network for sending and receiving payments. Understanding S&T Bank’s routing number helps ensure transfers occur smoothly and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the routing number for wires or international transfers to S&T Bank?

The wire transfer routing number for S&T Bank is 043101114. This distinct number should be used for wire transfers as opposed to the main ACH routing number.

2. Where can I find S&T Bank’s routing number on my checks?

The 9-digit routing number is located in the bottom left corner of a check, along the series of numbers on the left. It is the first set of numbers that appears.

3. Can I use S&T Bank’s routing number for online bill payments?

Yes, S&T Bank’s routing number can be used to set up electronic bill payments from a checking account held at the bank. The payments will be processed securely over the ACH network.

4. Does S&T Bank reject transfers from external accounts?

S&T Bank generally does not restrict or reject transfers coming from accounts external to the bank as long as the routing number and account details are valid.

5. Who do I contact for questions about S&T Bank’s routing number?

You can call or visit a local S&T Bank branch and speak with a representative for any questions related to the bank’s routing number and direct deposits or transfers.

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