Routing NumberAddressCityState
10116008684811 US RTE 5DERBYVT
20116010294811 US ROUTE 5NEWPORTVT
5081519002901 E HIGHWAY 60MONETTMO
6101104504210 MAIN STSENECAKS
7101105817115 E FIRSTCHANUTEKS
8101114581115 E FIRSTCHANUTEKS
10114909165P O BOX 130HONDOTX
11114914516PO BOX 130HONDOTX
12114926009PO BOX 130HONDOTX
13116312873401 W TEXAS STE 315MIDLANDTX


What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution when processing payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Routing numbers allow electronic financial transactions to be directed to the correct bank account.

Definition and Purpose of Routing Numbers

An ACH routing number, also called an ABA routing number or routing transit number (RTN), has a few key purposes:

  • It identifies the bank account holder’s financial institution.
  • It enables money transfers to find the correct bank and account when processed electronically.
  • It allows seamless transactions between banks through the ACH network.

Routing numbers are most commonly used for direct deposits, online bill payments, and other electronic payments within the United States.

How ACH Routing Numbers Work

When an electronic ACH transaction is initiated, the routing number provides instructions to the Federal Reserve on where to direct the money.

For example, when you set up direct deposit for payroll, you provide your employer with your account number and routing number. This allows the money to be deposited directly into your account, facilitated by the ACH network’s ability to identify your specific bank and account with the routing number.

Looking up the ACH Routing Number for Community National Bank

Community National Bank is a regional bank with locations in Texas. If you need to find the ACH routing number for a bank account at Community National Bank, here are a few tips.

About Community National Bank

History and Overview

Founded in 1996 in Seguin, Texas, Community National Bank is focused on personal and business banking services. It has grown to operate locations across central Texas.

Locations and Services

Community National Bank has branches in places like Seguin, Luling, Gonzales, Nixon, Lockhart, and Stockdale. It offers checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and other personal and business banking solutions.

Finding the Routing Number for Community National Bank

The ACH routing number for Community National Bank is 114914516. Here are two ways to find and confirm this number:

On the Bank’s Website

The easiest way to find the routing number is to look on the Community National Bank website, typically listed under account information or in the FAQ section.

On Official Routing Number Directories

You can also look up Community National Bank’s routing number on databases maintained by the American Bankers Association or the Federal Reserve. These resources publish ABA routing numbers for all U.S. banks.

Using the ACH Routing Number for Transactions

Once you have the ACH routing number for Community National Bank, here is how you use it:

**Adding the Routing Number for Payments **

When setting up payments through your bank account, input Community National Bank’s routing number along with your individual account number. This allows electronic payments to be processed through the ACH network.

Providing the Routing Number for Direct Deposits

To establish direct deposit for paychecks or benefits, provide your employer or benefits provider with Community National Bank’s routing number and your account number. This allows your funds to be deposited directly into your account.

Troubleshooting Issues with the Routing Number

If you run into any problems with transactions using Community National Bank’s routing number, here are some tips:

Double-Checking Accuracy

Make sure you have the correct ACH routing number – 114914516 – for Community National Bank. Transposing numbers or using an outdated routing number can cause transactions to fail.

Contacting the Bank

If you confirmed the routing number is correct, but transactions are still not processing properly, reach out to Community National Bank to troubleshoot the issue. Their banking experts can assist you.

Key Takeaways on Community National Bank’s Routing Number

  • Community National Bank’s ACH routing number is 114914516. This 9-digit code identifies the bank when processing electronic payments.
  • Look on the bank’s website or official routing number directories to find the correct ACH routing number.
  • Adding this routing number to payments and direct deposits facilitates seamless transactions through the ACH network to your Community National Bank account.
  • Double-check the routing number and contact the bank for help if you have any issues with transactions.

Using the proper routing number is crucial for accurate ACH transfers, so keep Community National Bank’s ACH routing number handy for payments and deposits.


Q: What happens if I input the wrong routing number for payments?

A: An incorrect routing number may result in payments being sent to the wrong account and rejected back to the sender. Always verify you have the right ACH routing number for the receiving bank.

Q: Where can I find my individual account number for ACH transfers?

A: Your unique account number will be available on your bank statements, checks, or by contacting your bank. This goes with the routing number to identify your personal account.

Q: Is the routing number the same for wires and ACH transfers?

A: No, wire transfers use a different system and require a different routing number from ACH payments. Make sure you have the ACH routing specifically.

Q: Who assigns routing numbers to banks?

A: Routing numbers are assigned by the American Bankers Association, with each bank getting a unique identifier. The Federal Reserve coordinates this numbering system.

Q: Can I use Community National Bank’s routing number for international transfers?

A: No, ACH routing numbers only work for domestic transactions within the United States. For international payments, you would need to use IBAN or SWIFT codes.

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