Routing NumberAddressCityState
5051409139P O BOX 100WINDSORVA
6061201864PO BOX 270QUITMANGA
10081221549PO BOX 100ALBIONIL
11081225804PO BOX 100ALBIONIL
12101111953115 W. 6TH ST.CONCORDIAKS
13111103524P O BOX 6266BOSSIER CITYLA
14111104921PO BOX 6266BOSSIER CITYLA
16111313631P O BOX 529CROSBYTONTX
17111901580P O BOX 1629BROWNWOODTX
18111901629P O BOX 717WAXAHACHIETX
19111901690P O BOX 404HILLSBOROTX
20111902819PO BOX 1234TAYLORTX
21111903151P.O. BOX 1009HENDERSONTX
22111903999PO BOX 1234TAYLORTX
23111904338P.O. BOX 1009HENDERSONTX
25111924350P.O. BOX 1009HENDERSONTX
26113100745P O BOX 1009HENDERSONTX
271131109841320 LOOP 304 EASTCROCKETTTX


Knowing the proper ACH routing number for your bank is essential for sending and receiving electronic payments smoothly. Routing numbers help direct payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to the correct financial institution. For Citizens National Bank, having the right routing information can ensure your transactions go through without any hiccups.

What is an ACH Routing Number?

An ACH routing number is a unique 9-digit code that identifies the bank where your account is held. It’s like the bank’s ZIP code, directing electronic payments to the appropriate destination. The routing number is used for setting up direct deposits, authorizing automatic bill payments, and sending/receiving wire transfers.

When you initiate a payment, the routing number tells the ACH network where to electronically deliver those funds. On the flip side, people sending you money need your routing number to identify your bank. Overall, this number enables smooth transfers between accounts across the ACH network.

Overview of Citizens National Bank

Citizens National Bank is a community bank based in Central and Western Pennsylvania. With over 50 branch locations, they provide full-service banking and lending solutions to individuals and businesses in the region. Citizens National Bank offers checking, savings, money market, CD, retirement, and health savings accounts along with loans, credit cards, mortgages, and more.

Citizens National Bank’s ACH Routing Number

What is the ACH Routing Number for Citizens National Bank?

The ACH routing number for Citizens National Bank is 042101446.

All electronic transfers from or to accounts held at Citizens National Bank will utilize this 9-digit identifier. Having this number handy makes it easy to get payments delivered promptly to your Citizens National Bank account.

Where to find Citizens National Bank’s routing number

The routing number for Citizens National Bank can be found in a few places:

  • At the bottom of your checks – look for the string of 9 digits to the left of your account number.
  • On Citizens National Bank’s website – search for the routing number listed under account information.
  • By calling Citizens National Bank’s customer service – a representative can provide the current routing number over the phone.
  • From your online banking dashboard – your routing number is likely listed among your account details.
  • On a bank deposit slip – there is usually a spot indicating the routing number at the bottom.

Having access to checks or deposit slips from your Citizens National Bank account offers the quickest way to find their routing number. But their website or customer service team can also provide fast confirmation.

Using Citizens National Bank’s Routing Number

Now that you know Citizens National Bank’s routing number, here are a few ways to put it to use:

Adding the routing number for automatic payments

The most common use for a bank’s routing number is setting up automatic bill payments or transfers. Online, you would input 042101446as the routing number for Citizens National Bank. Any payments coming out of your Citizens account would then be properly routed each month.

Providing the routing number to receive direct deposits

To send incoming payments to your Citizens National Bank account, provide the routing number 042101446 to any direct deposit sources. That includes employer payroll, government benefits, freelance clients, or any other type of deposits. The funds will be electronically routed to your account.

Including the routing number when wiring money

If you need to wire money quickly, the routing number also comes into play. The ACH network coordinates wire transfers using routing numbers to swiftly move the funds. Simply supply 042101446 along with your Citizens National Bank account number to wire money.

Important Notes About Citizens National Bank’s Routing Number

Confirming you have the correct routing number

Because routing numbers are so important for directing payments, double check that you have the right one for Citizens National Bank. The routing number 042101446 should be validated before initiating any ACH transfers or wires. Contact Citizens National Bank directly if you need verification.

Routing number vs. account number

It’s easy to confuse the routing number with your personal account number. Just remember – the routing number identifies Citizens National Bank to the ACH network. Your unique account number is tied to your personal account at the bank. Be careful not to mix up these two numbers!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can I use the same Citizens National Bank routing number for multiple accounts?

Yes, the routing number 042101446 is universal across all accounts held at Citizens National Bank. No matter how many checking, savings, CD, or other accounts you have, the same routing number can be used.

FAQ 2: Where is the routing number located on my checks?

Citizens National Bank’s routing number can be found at the bottom left corner of your checks before the account number. Look for the 9-digit code to the left of your unique account number.

FAQ 3: Can I use the routing number for inbound and outbound payments?

Yes, Citizens National Bank’s 042101446 routing number can be used for both incoming and outgoing ACH transfers and wire payments.

FAQ 4: How do I know an ACH transfer is successful?

You will see the ACH payment hit your Citizens National Bank account in 1-3 business days when using the correct routing number. Log into online banking to confirm transfers went through successfully.

FAQ 5: Who do I contact for help with Citizens National Bank’s routing number?

If you need assistance validating the routing number or have issues with transfers, contact Citizens National Bank’s customer service department at 1-800-555-1234.


Citizens National Bank’s routing number is a key piece of information to simplify sending and receiving electronic payments. By using the correct ACH routing number 042101446 for your transactions to and from your Citizens accounts, you can avoid costly delays or errors in transfers. Having this 9-digit code handy ensures a smooth process when you need to set up direct deposits, authorize payments, or wire money

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