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What is a SWIFT code?

A SWIFT code, also known as a SWIFT-BIC code, is a standard format for identifying financial institutions for international money transfers and other transactions. SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

How SWIFT codes are used

SWIFT codes enable automated processing of transactions across borders such as wire transfers, bank account validations, foreign exchange settlements, trade finance deals, and securities transactions. Financial institutions and corporations rely on SWIFT codes to correctly route messages.

Importance of SWIFT codes for international money transfers

Accurate SWIFT code data ensures transactions reach the intended beneficiary accounts quickly and securely. Up-to-date directories also help minimize errors that can delay transfers or cause funds to be lost.

Understanding SWIFT Code AIGFUS33

Overview of SWIFT code AIGFUS33

The SWIFT code AIGFUS33 belongs to financial services company AIG Financial Products Corp, headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, United States. This code contains standardized details on AIG Financial Products Corp for international transactions.

Entity details for AIG Financial Products Corp

This SWIFT code applies specifically to the AIG Financial Products Corp institution located at 50 Danbury Road, Floor 2 in Wilton, CT with postal code 06897-4444. There are no branch designators in the code.

Location specified by code AIGFUS33

AIGFUS33 identifies transactions as being originated by AIG Financial Products Corp’s headquarters in Wilton within Fairfield County, CT, United States based on the specification of country code US and location code 33.

Breakdown of SWIFT Code Components

AIG Financial Products Corp’s bank code

The bank code AIGF signifies this SWIFT code belongs to AIG Financial Products Corp as an active financial services institution registered in the SWIFT directory.

Country code in SWIFT code AIGFUS33

The country code US in position 5-6 identifies that AIG Financial Products Corp is based in the United States. This aligns wire transfer routing to the correct nation.

Location code for AIG Financial Products Corp

The location code 33 indicates that transactions involving SWIFT code AIGFUS33 will be initiated from AIG Financial Products Corp’s head offices located in Fairfield County, CT.

Code status indicator for SWIFT code validity

The third digit 3 confirms that AIGFUS33 is an active code in the SWIFT system directory, enabling transaction execution.

Branch code explanation for head offices

Absence of a branch code or XXX placeholder means this is the base SWIFT code for AIG Financial Products Corp head office, not assigned to any subsidiary branches.

Usage and Features of SWIFT Code AIGFUS33

Confirming active status of AIGFUS33

The code status digit 3 officially validates that AIGFUS33 is an active SWIFT code. Counterparties and correspondents can confidently utilize it knowing transactions will process through AIG Financial Products Corp.

Submitting code properly with XXX branch designator

To successfully route messages, AIGFUS33 must be entered with the XXX branch code suffix (AIGFUS33XXX) in place of the unassigned branch digits. Including the XXX ensures proper code structure.

Enabling international payments via code AIGFUS33

As an active, verified SWIFT code, AIGFUS33 enables cross-border payment instructions to flow through the SWIFT network to reach AIG Financial Products Corp based on destination details embedded in the code.

Supporting automated transaction processing

The structured format of SWIFT code AIGFUS33 allows transactions like wire transfers to be processed automatically through interbank communications without manual intervention.

Benefits and Applications of SWIFT Code Data

Streamlining customer verification processes

The unique bank identifying data in AIGFUS33 can be used to quickly validate customers of AIG Financial Products Corp during account openings and other services requiring identity confirmation.

Preventing fraudulent transactions through accuracy

Up-to-date SWIFT code directories minimize risks of spoofing or fraudulent transactions, providing reliable AIG Financial Products Corp entity data to ensure payment legitimacy.

Connecting to correct AIG Financial Products Corp institution

Transaction instructions tagged with AIGFUS33 will correctly route through SWIFT to AIG Financial Products Corp’s headquarters designated by the embedded destination details rather than other entities.

Facilitating data analytics and financial reporting

Structured SWIFT codes create data consistency to enable transaction trend analysis, process improvements, risk evaluations and accurate financial reporting across the payments ecosystem.

Key Takeaways About SWIFT Code AIGFUS33

Main purpose and utility of SWIFT code data

SWIFT codes like AIGFUS33 serve to provide validation, routing specificity, transparency, and standardization capabilities for international transactions involving AIG Financial Products Corp.

Importance of maintaining updated SWIFT directory

All participating financial institutions rely on accurate SWIFT code data so transaction instructions unfailingly reach the precise destination accounts.

Role of precision in successful money transfers

Inclusion of country, location, and branch codes creates a precise identifier in SWIFT codes that ensures wire transfers complete successfully to the intended beneficiary institution and account.

Security enhancements from confirmed entity data

Verified SWIFT codes give banks and corporations assurance that money transfers are being directed to legitimate financial institutions through validated identity details.


What format should be used for SWIFT code AIGFUS33?

The proper format is the 8-character base code AIGFUS33 plus the XXX suffix to indicate a head office location, structured as AIGFUS33XXX.

Can individual customers be identified by SWIFT code?

No, SWIFT codes only identify financial institution names and locations. Individual customer accounts and transactions cannot be determined from SWIFT codes alone.

Is AIGFUS33 associated with other AIG Financial Products Corp branches?

No, AIGFUS33 corresponds specifically and solely to AIG Financial Products Corp’s headquarters location in Wilton, CT as designated by the embedded location details.

What happens if the SWIFT code status digit changes from 3 to 0 or 1?

The code becomes inactive, preventing transaction routing and automated processing until updated and reactivated by the SWIFT organization to a status 3 code.

Can SWIFT code modifications be made directly in transactions?

No, any required changes to codes must be made centrally in SWIFT’s database and distributed system-wide to ensure accuracy across all participating institutions.

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