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Detailed information about SWIFT Code AEGUUS42

What is a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT code is an international bank code that identifies specific banks worldwide. It stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT codes consist of 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters that help money transfer systems identify a specific bank.

Purpose and Format of a SWIFT Code

SWIFT codes were created to standardize international transactions and ease communication between financial institutions. The 8 or 11 digits provide details to uniquely identify that bank.

Here is the breakdown of a typical SWIFT code:

  • 4 letters: Institution code or bank code
  • 2 letters: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
  • 2 letters or digits: Location code
  • 3 letters or digits: Branch code

This allows money transfer systems to route payments while eliminating confusion from similar branch names or banks with the same name.

How SWIFT Codes are Used

SWIFT codes allow financial institutions to communicate securely. Whether transferring funds between banks, facilitating foreign exchange, or sending other messages, SWIFT ensures it reaches the correct destination.

Consumers mainly use SWIFT codes for international wire transfers and sending remittances. The codes verify specific bank account numbers. This prevents delays, blocked payments, and transfer fees caused by incorrect details.

About AEGON USA Investment Management LLC

Overview and History

AEGON USA Investment Management LLC is an asset management firm based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Part of the Transamerica group, they manage investments for mutual funds, pensions, endowments, and other institutional clients.

AEGON USA Investment Management traces its history back over 100 years to the founding of Transamerica in 1904. They adopted their current name in 2017 after consolidating various asset management units under one brand.

Products and Services

This firm offers customized portfolio management services catered to each client. Their main areas of expertise include equity, fixed income, liquid alternatives, multi-asset solutions, liability driven investments, stable value, and solutions for insurers.

Specific offerings consist of mutual funds, collective trusts, separately managed accounts, stable value funds, and model portfolios. AEGON USA Investment Management oversees $165 billion in assets under management.


While headquartered in Cedar Rapids, AEGON USA Investment Management maintains offices in Denver, Baltimore, and Harrison (NY). They employ over 200 investment management professionals located across the United States.

SWIFT Code Breakdown


Below we break down each component of the SWIFT code AEGUUS42 for AEGON USA Investment Management LLC:

AEGU – Institution Code

The 4 letter bank code AEGU identifies AEGON USA Investment Management LLC

US – Country Code

The 2 letter country code US signifies this bank is located in the United States

42 – Location Code

This 2 digit location code represents the U.S. state of Iowa, where their headquarters reside

XXX – Branch Code

No branch code is assigned for AEGON USA Investment Management LLC

So in summary, AEGUUS42 identifies the Cedar Rapids, Iowa main office of AEGON USA Investment Management LLC.

Sending or Receiving Funds with AEGUUS42

Using the SWIFT Code for Bank Transfers

Including the SWIFT code with transaction details allows money to seamlessly flow between AEGON USA Investment Management and other financial institutions.

International wire transfers require the full 8 or 11 digit AEGUUS42 code when sending funds to or from this bank. This ensures correct routing through the SWIFT network.

Domestic transfers within the USA may only need the first 8 characters. However financial institutions often still require the full code as an added verification measure.

Fees and Transaction Times Associated with AEGUUS42

Banks normally charge fees based on wire transfer amount for both incoming and outgoing international payments. Transfer times can range 1-5 business days or more.

SWIFT payments directly involving AEGUUS42 follow their standard procedures. Account holders should confirm costs and delivery estimates ahead of time. Transactions may slow around U.S. bank holidays.

Consider using Wise (formerly TransferWise) or similar cheaper provider for international money movement. This bypasses traditional wire fees through bank partnerships.

Protecting Your Accounts and Information

While extremely secure, no payment system is 100% immune from cyber threats or fraud. Account holders should take measures to protect login credentials and monitor transactions.

Use strong unique passwords, enable multi-factor authentication when available, and check for suspicious activity often. Only enter confidential information on the legitimate organization’s website.

Immediately notify your financial institution if account access becomes compromised. Ask your bank about cyber insurance protections to potentially recover lost funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mailing address for AEGON USA Investment Management LLC?
4333 Edgewood Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52499

What if I input the SWIFT code incorrectly for a transfer?
Mismatched or incorrect details can delay transactions or cause them to be rejected. Verify the full code AEGUUS42 before sending payments.

What are the working hours for this SWIFT code?
As a global interconnected messaging system, the SWIFT network operates 24/7 year round.


In summary, SWIFT codes like AEGUUS42 for AEGON USA Investment Management uniquely identify financial institutions for secure communication. Making international wire transfers involves first looking up the correct 8 or 11 digit identification code.

Including this code with bank account details speeds delivery of money transfers. Users should always protect login credentials as well as verify information when conducting financial transactions for security.

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