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Detailed information about SWIFT Code ADCYUS32

Adams Community Bank’s SWIFT Code for Streamlined Money Transfers

Adams Community Bank is a community bank that serves the town and surrounding areas of Adams, Massachusetts. Established in 1892, it has grown into a financial institution with $495 million in assets across seven branch locations. Adams Community Bank offers personal and business banking services to customers across the region.

Overview of Adams Community Bank

Adams Community Bank first opened for business on February 19, 1892 under the name Adams Savings Bank. It operated as a mutual savings bank for most of its history, before becoming a fully stock holding company in July 2011 and adopting the name Adams Community Bank.

The bank serves customers across Berkshire county from seven convenient branch locations in Adams, Cheshire, Lanesborough, North Adams, Pittsfield and Williamstown. Adams Community Bank offers a full suite of personal and business banking services including checking and savings accounts, mortgages, home equity loans, and more.

Swift Codes Explained

SWIFT codes are standardized bank identifiers used to facilitate domestic and international money transfers. SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

Every SWIFT code consists of 8 to 11 characters broken down as follows:

Bank Code

First 4 alpha characters identifying bank name

Country Code

2 letter country code

Location Code

2 alphanumeric characters

Branch Code

Optional field for designating specific branches

Financial instructions routed through the secure SWIFT network rely on accurate SWIFT codes to transfer money quickly and safely to its destination.

Over 11,000 banking organizations globally use SWIFT codes.

Adams Community Bank’s SWIFT Code Specifics

Adams Community Bank’s SWIFT code is ADCYUS32. Here is what each component stands for:

ADCY – Bank Code

Stands for Adams Community Bank based on the first four letters of the bank’s name.

US – Country Code

Indicates United States location

32 – Location Code

The 5-digit routing number 32 signifies the Federal Reserve financial district Adams Community Bank operates within. This ties to their physical address in Massachusetts.

As Adams Community Bank does not designate unique branch codes, no branch code completes their SWIFT identifier.

International Money Transfers

Banks facilitate international money transfers between accounts held in different countries using their SWIFT code.

Here is a typical money transfer process:

  1. The sending bank receives transfer instructions along with the receiving bank’s SWIFT code and account specifics.
  2. Using the SWIFT network, the sending bank communicates transfer details to the receiving bank.
  3. Funds get deducted from the sending account and converted to the currency of the receiving account if applicable.
  4. Receiving bank credits the incoming funds per instructions provided.
  5. Both banks report status to customers about the successful transaction.

Transfer fees, foreign exchange rates, and processing times vary tremendously between banks. Large multinational transfers often have lower charges overall compared to smaller remittances.

Alternatives for Lower Transfer Fees

Customers can lower transfer costs in some cases by using alternative remittance channels rather than traditional bank wires. Newer players like Wise (formerly Transferwise) leverage better exchange rates and lower fees. Cryptocurrency transfers also provide options for lower cost money movement.

However, banks still play an integral role in the global monetary system. Understanding services and charges helps consumers make optimal decisions.

Receiving Transfers to Adams Community Bank

For incoming international money transfers, recipients need to provide the sending bank these details:

Beneficiary Bank: Adams Community Bank
Bank Address: 2 Center Street Adams, MA 01220 USA
ABA Routing Number for Wires: 211170114

As part of processing incoming transfers, Adams Community Bank will collect required information per banking regulations. Photo identification and other documentation may be necessary to claim funds.


In today’s interconnected world, SWIFT codes continue to play a vital role in seamless financial communication between banking institutions domestically and across borders.

Adams Community Bank’s ADCYUS32 SWIFT code bridges their Massachusetts customer base with account holders worldwide via established money transfer channels. Understanding components of SWIFT codes like bank, country, and location codes allows consumers to validate financial transactions.

While alternatives can provide lower fees in certain use cases, traditional bank-based wires offer time-tested structures for transfers backed by regulatory oversight. Finding the right approach depends on individual situations and priorities around cost, speed, convenience and reliability.

By leveraging the proper banking relationships and tools like SWIFT codes, both personal and business customers can take advantage of trusted money movement guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adams Community Bank charge for incoming SWIFT transfers?

Yes, there are typically correspondent bank fees that apply to most incoming international wire transfers that will be deducted from the received amount.

Can I transfer money without sharing my account number?

In most cases for SWIFT transfers you need to provide your complete beneficiary details including account number and SWIFT code to enable recipient identification.

How long do international SWIFT transfers take?

Transfer speed can vary by geographic region, averaging 1-5 business days for delivery. More complex cross-border transfers linked across multiple foreign exchange markets may take over a week in some cases.

Does the amount transferred impact bank fees or timing?

Generally lower money transfer amounts slow down processing times and have higher proportional fees versus high value bank wires. Larger transfers above an internal threshold also often attract additional scrutiny for regulatory purposes too before completion.

Can I call Adams Community Bank to check incoming transfer status?

Yes, you can contact their customer service team directly to expedite inquiries on expected international transfers, delays or investigate reasons for funds not yet received.

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