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Detailed information about SWIFT Code ACIXUS31

Overview of ACI Capital Group LLC

Background and History

ACI Capital Group LLC is an investment management firm based in New York City. Founded in 2005, ACI Capital specializes in providing financial advisory services and managing investment portfolios focused on the real estate, energy, and infrastructure sectors globally.

Over the past 15+ years, the firm has established itself as a leading investment manager known for its insightful market analyses and value-added investment strategies tailored specifically to institutional investors and family offices.

Business Areas and Services

ACI Capital offers a range of specialized services across real assets investing, including:

  • Portfolio management and advisory for real estate equity and debt investments
  • Infrastructure equity and debt financing
  • Investment research and market analysis
  • Risk management strategies
  • Bespoke investment solutions and access to unique deal flows

The firm’s clientele comprises pension funds, endowments, sovereign wealth entities, insurance companies, and prominent family offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East seeking exposure to institutional-grade real asset investment opportunities.

Locations and Reach

Headquartered in New York City, ACI Capital has additional regional offices and operations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Toronto, London, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Abu Dhabi. This extensive on-the-ground presence across North America, Europe, and Asia allows the firm to source lucrative investment deals and prudently manage assets locally across these real estate markets.

SWIFT Code for ACI Capital Group LLC

What is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. A SWIFT code is a standard format for business identifiers used globally by banks and financial institutions when transferring money and information.

A typical SWIFT code comprises 8 to 11 letters and numbers that provide details identifying the country, bank, branch, and account related to an international money transfer.

Breakdown of ACI Capital Group LLC’s SWIFT Code

ACI Capital Group’s SWIFT code is ACIXUS31:

Bank Code

The bank code ACIX identifies ACI Capital Group LLC specifically.

Country Code

The country code US signifies the United States, where ACI Capital Group is headquartered and maintains its primary business operations.

Location Code

31 denotes the head office branch location in New York City.

Branch Code

XXX indicates no specific branch is associated with this SWIFT code for ACI Capital Group LLC.

Using ACI Capital Group LLC’s SWIFT Code

International Money Transfers

The main purpose of using SWIFT codes is to facilitate cross-border money transfers between bank accounts held in different countries.

As an institutional investment firm, ACI Capital Group will often use its designated SWIFT code ACIXUS31 when transferring funds between international business entities and client accounts based overseas.

Specifying this code helps quickly validate and process money movement for the firm across global markets.

Confirming Payments and Account Details

Banks can also use SWIFT codes to validate account holder details and wire transfer instructions when sending or receiving funds on their client’s behalf.

When ACI Capital Group LLC initiates an incoming payment from offshore, providing the remitting bank with its unique SWIFT code in advance will confirm its account specifics and ensure smooth payment processing.

Avoiding Transfer Delays and Errors

Including accurate SWIFT details on international transactions minimizes delays, rejected payments, and funds frozen in limbo pending account clarification—issues commonly experienced when critical identifying information is missing or incorrect between the sending and receiving banks.

Using its SWIFT code ACIXUS31 correctly thus mitigates operational risks that ACI Capital Group LLC could encounter when transferring investment capital worldwide.

Money Savings with Wise Transfers

To save on bank wire fees for international transfers, ACI Capital Group LLC may choose to use the money remittance platform Wise instead and simply input its SWIFT code to connect the recipient details.

Lower Fees Compared to Banks

Wise offers significantly lower transfer fees compared to traditional bank channels for moving funds overseas. Cost savings could be up to 8x depending on the currency corridor and transfer amount.

Faster Transfer Times

In many cases, Wise transfers reach their international destination within 24 hours, while bank wires may take 3-5 working days on average. This improved speed and efficiency appeal to firms like ACI Capital Group that frequently move capital across borders.

Easier to Use Money Transfer Platform

Wise also provides an intuitive online dashboard and multi-currency e-wallet that simplifies managing international money flows from a centralized account—convenient for busy investment managers overseeing global client capital transfers daily. Tracking payments and details via SWIFT codes stays easy.


In summary, SWIFT codes like ACI Capital Group LLC’s ACIXUS31 serve as a critical identifier to enable smooth cross-border money movements between the firm’s international business accounts.

Using this code appropriately confirms account details, speeds up transfer times, reduces chances of costly errors, and potentially saves on bank fees—advantages important for institutional investment managers operating globally like ACI Capital Group.


What are the core business activities of ACI Capital Group?

ACI Capital Group focuses on portfolio management, investment research and advice, and deal origination across real estate, infrastructure, and energy markets, catering to institutional investors and family offices.

Where is ACI Capital Group headquartered?

It is headquartered in New York City, USA with additional offices across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

What is ACI Capital Group’s SWIFT code breakdown?

ACIX = ACI Capital
US = United States
31 = New York head office branch
XXX = No specific branch

Can individuals use ACI Capital Group’s SWIFT services?

No, ACI provides SWIFT services solely to its institutional investment clients and partners for cross-border capital transfers.

Which money transfer platform provides cost savings compared to banks?

Using the digital remittance platform Wise can provide significant cost savings on international money transfers instead of bank wires.

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