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Detailed information about SWIFT Code ACSUUS31

Detailed information about SWIFT Code ACSUUS31

Access Securities Inc. is a financial services company located in Stamford, Connecticut in the United States. This article provides detailed information about Access Securities Inc.’s SWIFT code which is used to facilitate international money and security transfers.

Bank Details

  • Name: Access Securities Inc.
  • Address: 30 Buxton Farm Road, Suite 130
  • City: Stamford
  • Branch: N/A
  • Postcode: 06905
  • Country: United States

What is a SWIFT Code

A SWIFT code, also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), is an 8 to 11 character code that identifies details like the bank name, country, location, and branch. It facilitates international money and security transfers.

SWIFT Code Format

SWIFT codes follow a standard 8 to 11 digit format containing:

  • Bank Code (4 characters): Institution code
  • Country Code (2 characters): ISO country code
  • Location Code (2 characters): City/location code
  • Branch Code (3 characters): Branch ID code (optional)

How SWIFT Codes Are Used

SWIFT codes provide a secure way to transfer money between international banks. They allow financial institutions to send messages and settle payments quickly through a standardized system.

SWIFT codes enable:

  • International money transfers between banks
  • International security transfers
  • Treasury and security market operations
  • Other financial transactions

Having the correct SWIFT code for the recipient is critical to ensure payments reach the intended accounts without delays or hiccups.

Details of SWIFT Code ACSUUS31

Now that you understand the SWIFT code system, let’s dive into the specifics of SWIFT code ACSUUS31:

Bank Identification Code (BIC)


Breaking down this SWIFT BIC:

ACSU – Bank Code

US – Country Code for the United States

31 – Location Code (XXX = unknown location)

Sending or Receiving Money via Access Securities Inc.

Now that you know the details of Access Securities Inc.’s SWIFT code, learn how to send or receive international payments through the bank:

Wire Transfer Costs and Timelines

International wire transfer costs often range from $40 – $50 per transaction. However, costs depend on factors like:

  • Transfer method (SWIFT network, intermediary bank fees, etc.)
  • Amount being sent
  • Recipient bank’s wire fees

Transfer arrival times depend on the above factors but usually take 1-5 business days.

Alternatives for International Money Transfers

Rather than expensive wire transfers via banks, you can often save money by using alternative online international money transfer services like:

  • Wise – Low-cost transfers done online
  • PayPal – Well known payments system
  • WorldRemit – Cash pickup available

These services facilitate international transfers easily via website or mobile app.

Security Precautions

Keep these safety tips in mind when transferring money:

  • Verify recipient bank details
  • Use reputable transfer providers
  • Save transfer records securely
  • Report suspicious activity


  • Access Securities Inc.’s SWIFT code ACSUUS31 enables the routing of transaction requests related to international money and securities transfers.
  • Specifying this code correctly helps ensure smooth and timely processing of cross-border payments and investments involving Access Securities Inc.
  • With the rise in global banking and investing, SWIFT codes play an important role in streamlining identification of financial institutions.


Q: What is the routing number for Access Securities Inc?

A: Access Securities Inc. does not use routing numbers. Instead, they utilize the SWIFT code ACSUUS31 for bank account identification.

Q: Can I make domestic bank transfers with this SWIFT code?

A: No, SWIFT code ACSUUS31 and the SWIFT network can only facilitate international money transfers. For domestic US transfers, you would use routing and account numbers.

Q: Is my money safe using SWIFT transfers?

A: Yes, the SWIFT network prioritizes security to protect your money and data. As long as you correctly provide the SWIFT code and details, your transfer should process smoothly.

Q: What fees does Access Securities charge?

A: Wire transfer fees vary depending on the amount sent, but usually range between $40 – $50 USD per transaction. Other Access Securities account fees depend on the product/service.

Q: How long does an international transfer via SWIFT code take?

A: With SWIFT code ACSUUS31, allow 1 – 5+ business days for completes end-to-end delivery of your international transfer.

What functions does a SWIFT code serve?

A SWIFT code identifies specific banks and financial institutions globally to route transaction requests, facilitating cross-border payments, investments, and communication.

Where can I find the SWIFT code for a bank?

SWIFT codes can typically be found on a bank’s website, statements, mobile apps, at local bank branches, or through internet searches.

Can I make an international transfer without a SWIFT code?

While in certain cases bank transfers are possible without SWIFT codes, providing the code helps eliminate routing errors and delays in cross-border transactions.

Is the SWIFT code the same for all branches of a bank?

Most banks use one primary SWIFT code across all branches, while some large banks may use secondary codes specific to certain branches.

How do I know if a SWIFT code is correct or valid?

Looking up published SWIFT code directories for banks verifies if a code matches with the designated financial institution to confirm validity before executing transfers.

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