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COUNTRYUnited States
Detailed information about SWIFT CodeĀ ACEEUS31

Academy Securities, Inc – Company Overview

Academy Securities, Inc. is a financial services company located in New York, USA. It offers investment banking, sales, trading, and research services to institutional clients globally.

What is a SWIFT code?

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. SWIFT codes are unique identification codes used to facilitate international money and security transfers between banks and financial institutions.

These codes allow automated transfer systems to correctly route money transfers from one country to another. Think of them like Bank routing numbers on an international scale.

Structure and components

SWIFT codes consist of 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters that provide details essential to routing transfers like:

  • Bank name and location
  • Bank identifier codes
  • Country codes
  • Branch codes

The structured format allows systems to validate transfers between authentic bank accounts across borders.

ACEEUS31 SWIFT Code Breakdown

The SWIFT code ACEEUS31 identifies the Academy Securities, Inc. bank and its New York branch for routing international transfers.

Here is a breakdown of the components:

ACEE – Bank code

This 4-letter code identifies the parent bank – Academy Securities, Inc.

US – Country code

Indicates that Academy Securities, Inc. is located in the United States.

31 – Location code

Specifies New York City as the geographical location of the bank’s branch.

XXX – Branch code

This code indicates there is just one single branch of the bank.

ACEEUS31 SWIFT Code Details

Bank Name

Academy Securities, Inc.

Bank Address

140 E 45th Street, Floor 5, New York 10017

Bank City and Country

New York, United States

Money Transfer Options

To send an international wire transfer to Academy Securities, Inc., you can use services like Wise (Transferwise) to save on bank fees.

Using ACEEUS31 for International Money Transfers

The ACEEUS31 code can be used to route transfers to and from Academy Securities Inc. Here is what you need to know:

Fees and Timings

  • Expect bank wire transfer fees of $40 – 60 per transaction
  • Transfers typically take 3-5 business days to settle

Transfer Limits

  • Academy Securities Inc. does not disclose any specific transfer limits
  • Limits are set on an individual basis based on your banking profile and relationship

Transfer Status

You can contact your sending bank to track incoming transfers, or check with Academy Securities Inc. directly to confirm the receipt of funds into your account. Each bank has their own tracking process.

Alternatives for Making International Transfers

Wire transfers

You can send wire transfers to Academy Securities Inc. via traditional banks. However these tend to be expensive, slow, and tedious compared to specialized money remittance services.

Online Money Transfer Services

Companies like Wise offer faster, more affordable ways to transfer money abroad. You get better exchange rates, fee transparency, transfer tracking, and speed.

Conclusion and FAQs

The SWIFT code ACEEUS31 identifies Academy Securities Inc. for international money and security transfers. It breaks down into – Bank Identifier Code (ACEE), Country Code (US), Location Code (31), and Branch Code (XXX).

Using services like Wise for transfers allows you to save on bank wire fees and offers tracking tools not available via banks.


What is the full SWIFT code for Academy Securities Inc?

The full SWIFT code is ACEEUS31.

Where is Academy Securities Inc. located?

It is located at 140 E 45th Street, Floor 5, New York 10017, USA.

What services does Academy Securities offer?

Investment banking, Sales & Trading, and Research services.

Can I use ACEEUS31 to transfer money TO Academy Securities Inc.?

Yes, ACEEUS31 allows you to route money transfers to Academy Securities Inc. from any country.

Is there a transfer limit for money sent to Academy Securities Inc.?

No published limits. Limits will depend on your banking profile and individual circumstance.

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