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Detailed information about SWIFT Code ABEEUS31

ABG Sundal Collier Inc

ABG Sundal Collier Inc is a financial services company headquartered in New York, United States. The company provides investment banking, securities trading, equity research and corporate finance services to institutional clients globally.

Some of the key services offered by ABG Sundal Collier Inc include:

  • Investment Banking: Mergers & acquisitions advisory, IPOs, follow-on offerings, bond issuance, etc.
  • Equity Research: Detailed research reports and recommendations on various stocks and industries.
  • Securities Trading: Trade execution services for equities, fixed income products across global markets.
  • Wealth Management: Advisory on investments, portfolio management for HNIs and family offices.

ABG Sundal Collier Inc has operations across North America, Europe and Asia. Some of their major office locations include New York, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Singapore.

ABG Sundal Collier Inc Swift Code Details

What is a SWIFT code?

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code. It is a standard format for business identifiers used globally by financial institutions to facilitate smooth international money and security transfers.

The key purposes and uses of SWIFT codes include:

  • Uniquely identifying banks during financial transactions
  • Routing international wire transfers, payments and messages securely
  • Ensuring accuracy and clarity in cross-border money movement
ABG Sundal Collier Inc Swift Code

The SWIFT code used to identify ABG Sundal Collier Inc in international money transfers is ABEEUS31.

Breaking down the parts of this code:

  • ABEE: Bank Code that identifies ABG Sundal Collier Inc
  • US: ISO Country Code representing United States
  • 31: Location/Branch Code of the financial institution

So in summary, the ABEEUS31 swift code provides key bank, country and branch details to recognize ABG Sundal Collier Inc for worldwide fund transfers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Swift Code ABEEUS31

Finding the Swift Code ABEEUS31

The ABEEUS31 swift code can be found via:

  • Bank letters, account statements issued by ABG Sundal Collier Inc
  • Swift code databases maintained by SWIFT or other providers
  • Contacting ABG Sundal Collier Inc branch directly

This ensures you have the correct, up-to-date code before initiating any wire transfer.

Using ABEEUS31 to Send Money

To send an international wire transfer using swift code ABEEUS31:

  1. Enter ABEEUS31 in the SWIFT code field of the wire transfer form
  2. Provide corresponding account numbers and beneficiary details
  3. Submit transfer request as per standard procedures
  4. ABEEUS31 routing will facilitate faster overseas payment

Adding this code reduces intermediary bank fees normally charged on global transfers.

Receiving Money Using Swift Code

To receive incoming international payments via ABG Sundal Collier Inc:

  1. Inform remitter/sender about swift code ABEEUS31 and account details
  2. ABEEUS31 enables automated routing of funds directly
  3. Quicker clearance due to accurate beneficiary information

This facilitates smooth receipt of money from overseas remitters.

Checking Wire Transfer Details

The ABEEUS31 swift code can also be used to verify and trace fund transfers by:

  1. Cross-checking if ABEEUS31 matches routing path of transfer
  2. Following up payments using swift code as transaction reference
  3. Understanding remitting and beneficiary bank better via code details

It enhances clarity in reconciliation and resolution for any discrepancies.

Benefits and Uses of Swift Code ABEEUS31

Efficient International Money Transfer

Use of standardized swift code ABEEUS31 enables:

  • Automated routing of cross-border transfers between ABG Sundal Collier Inc accounts
  • Reduced manual errors as all details are electronically communicated
  • Faster processing as less clarification needed on transaction specifics

This facilitates quick, smooth overseas money movement for customers.

Error Prevention

Possible issues arising from:

  • Faulty communication of long bank names & codes
  • Inaccurate details resulting in failed transfers

Are resolved by use of uniform ABEEUS31 swift code for ABG Sundal Collier Inc.

Transaction Clarity

The ABEE bank identifier clearly signifies:

  • Origin or destination is an ABG Sundal Collier Inc account
  • United States country of associated financial institution
  • Specific branch routing as per code 31

It enables transparent fund flow monitoring and reconciliation.

Key Takeaways About ABG Sundal Collier Inc Swift Code

  • ABEEUS31 is the standard swift code for ABG Sundal Collier Inc
  • It enables smooth routing during international wire transfers, payments
  • Key uses include error minimization, transaction clarity and tracking
  • Finding the right, updated ABEEUS31 code is vital before any fund movement
  • Adding this code helps faster overseas money transfer at lower costs

Using swift code ABEEUS31 optimizes cross-border transactions managed by ABG Sundal Collier Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is conveyed by ABG Sundal Collier Inc’s swift code ABEEUS31?

The ABEEUS31 swift code provides the bank identifier code (ABEE) for ABG Sundal Collier Inc, ISO country code (US) specifying United States, and location code (31) denoting the particular branch.

How does the ABEEUS31 code help in sending international wire transfers?

Using ABEEUS31 accurately routes overseas money transfers to beneficiary accounts via ABG Sundal Collier Inc and its banking network, enabling faster processing, reduced costs and fewer errors.

How can I find the latest ABEEUS31 swift code for ABG Sundal Collier Inc?

The most updated ABEEUS31 SWIFT code can be found on official bank letters/statements, SWIFT directory listings or by directly contacting ABG Sundal Collier Inc’s branch.

Does using the ABEEUS31 code offer any advantages over normal wire transfers?

Yes, adding ABEEUS31 enables automated routing, reduced manual errors in beneficiary details, lower banking charges on international transfers and faster clearance of funds.

Can I trace a cross-border wire transfer using the ABEEUS31 swift code?

Yes, ABEEUS31 provides transaction clarity by clearly identifying ABG Sundal Collier Inc’s branch associated with the transfer, enabling better tracking, reconciliation and resolution.

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