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Overview of 337 Frontier Capital LP

337 Frontier Capital LP is a private investment firm headquartered in New York, USA. The company specializes in providing capital to high-growth, middle-market companies across North America through its private equity, credit opportunities and real estate investment platforms.

With over $5 billion in assets under management, 337 Frontier Capital seeks to generate superior returns for its global investor base which includes public and corporate pension funds, financial institutions, endowments, foundations, and family offices.

Services and products offered

337 Frontier Capital offers the following investment services and strategies to its limited partners:

  • Private Equity: Targets equity investments in profitable, middle-market companies with revenues ranging from $25 million to $500 million across multiple industries.
  • Credit Opportunities: Focuses on proprietary senior secured debt, second lien, mezzanine, and PIPE investments in middle-market companies.
  • Real Estate: Acquires and manages opportunistic real estate assets across property sectors such as multi-family, retail, industrial, office, self-storage and hospitality.

Company Profile

History and founding

337 Frontier Capital was founded in 1998 by Robert Jones and Daniel Singer who currently serve as Managing Partners of the firm. The founders started the firm to take advantage of the growing US middle-market and provide flexible capital solutions to founder-owned businesses looking to grow.

Over its 25+ year history, 337 Frontier has successfully executed on over 125 platform investments and 300 add-on acquisitions, cementing its position as a leading middle-market investor.

Leadership and organizational structure

337 Frontier Capital has a partnership model with Robert Jones and Daniel Singer as its Managing Partners supported by an Executive Committee consisting of Principals and key senior investment professionals.

The firm’s 70+ employees are structured into industry-focused private equity investment teams and specialized teams for its credit and real estate strategies. This structure allows the firm to leverage sector-specific operating expertise while executing customized investment solutions.

Locations and geographical presence

337 Frontier Capital is headquartered in New York with additional offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. From these strategic locations, the firm is able to source and execute investments across its target regions – the Eastern, Midwestern and Western United States along with Southwestern Canada.

The firm may open additional satellite offices to expand its geographical footprint and sourcing channels across North America.

Assets under management

As of January 2022, 337 Frontier Capital managed over $5 billion in assets across its private equity, credit opportunities and real estate investment platforms:

  • Private Equity: $3.2 billion
  • Credit Opportunities: $1.3 billion
  • Real Estate: $650 million

The firm aims to grow its assets under management to over $10 billion in the next five years through successful fundraising and portfolio company growth.

Investment approach and strategy

337 Frontier Capital employs a patient yet disciplined approach across its investment strategies focused on long-term value creation. Key elements of its strategy include:

  • Flexible Hold Periods: 5 to 10 years for private equity with ability to hold longer
  • Disciplined Underwriting: Rigorous financial analysis targeting 20%+ IRRs
  • Value-Added Partnership: Close involvement driving growth and operational improvements
  • Proprietary Sourcing: Extensive network providing differentiated deal flow
  • Portfolio Diversification: Investments across sectors and transaction types

This strategy has allowed the firm to consistently deliver top-quartile performance to its limited partners over multiple economic cycles.

Investment Services

Private Equity

337 Frontier Capital’s private equity arm targets middle-market companies headquartered in North America, with EBITDA typically ranging from $5 million to $25 million at investment.

Investment Sectors

The firm invests across a broad range of industries but has particular expertise in the following sectors:

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Industrial Services
  • Software and Technology

Investment Stages

The private equity practice executes the following types of investments:

  • Buyouts: Acquisitions of full or majority ownership positions in established, profitable companies
  • Growth Equity: Minority investments in emerging, high-growth businesses
  • Recapitalizations: Partnering with owner-operators to facilitate liquidity events

Current Portfolio Companies

337 Frontier Capital currently owns stakes in over 35 private companies across North America including:

  • Access Healthcare (Health IT)
  • AmeriGas (Propane Distribution)
  • Assured Partners (Insurance)
  • Drake Software (Tax Software)
  • Iron Horse Logistics (Transportation)
  • Southwest Water (Utility Services)

Credit Opportunities

The credit investment platform provides flexible financing solutions to middle-market companies typically with over $10 million in EBITDA.

Types of Investments

337 Frontier Capital structures customized credit transactions including:

  • Senior Secured Debt
  • Second Lien Debt
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Private Investments in Public Equity (PIPEs)

It focuses on directly-originated, proprietary investment opportunities supported by due diligence and credit underwriting.

Investment Criteria

When evaluating credit investment opportunities, the firm analyzes:

  • Strong and Defensible Market Positions
  • Stable Cash Flows
  • Experienced Management Teams
  • Viable Exit Strategies
  • Appropriate Collateral Coverage

This rigorous selection process results in a high-quality portfolio of credit investments.

Real Estate

The real estate group makes opportunistic investments in commercial real estate across the US, typically structured as joint ventures.

Property Types and Locations

337 Frontier Capital acquires real estate across property sectors and geographical regions:

Property Types

  • Multifamily
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Hospitality
  • Self-Storage


  • Major Metros: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
  • High-Growth Cities: Austin, Charlotte, Denver, Seattle
  • University Towns: Chapel Hill, Columbus, Madison

Acquisition and Management

The team sources investments through its extensive network of brokers, developers and property owners. It targets under-performing or under-capitalized assets which can be repositioned through operational improvements, capital investments, and professional management.

Track Record and Performance

Returns across funds

337 Frontier Capital has a demonstrated track record of generating industry-leading returns across its investment strategies.

Private Equity

The private equity program has raised eight funds targeting North American buyouts since inception with a gross IRR of 29% realized across all vehicles. Its two most recent flagship funds have achieved net IRRs of 31% (Fund VII) and 38% (Fund VIII) respectively.

Credit Opportunities

The credit investment platform has executed four middle-market debt vehicles and three special situations funds with a blended gross IRR of 16%. The recently-closed Fund IV has already marked a net IRR of 19% after just three years.

Real Estate

Launched in 2016, the opportunistic real estate strategy has deployed two funds focused on value-added commercial properties in the US. Investments have yielded a gross IRR of 22% to date primarily from multifamily rent growth and retail redevelopment projects.

Exits and distributions to investors

337 Frontier Capital has successfully exited over 125 private equity investments and 50 credit positions either through strategic sales or IPOs.

Significant liquidity events in recent years include the sales of Access Healthcare (Health IT) acquired by Welsh, Carson Anderson & Stowe and AmeriGas (Propane) purchased by UGI Corporation.

These exits and over 60 partial portfolio sales have facilitated $9+ billion in cumulative distributions to the firm’s limited partner investors since inception.

Work Culture and Values

Core principles

Four core principles guide 337 Frontier Capital’s culture and investment philosophy:

  1. Integrity – Upholding the highest ethical standards
  2. Excellence – Driving exceptional results through talent and dedication
  3. Teamwork – Collaborating across teams and with portfolio companies
  4. Innovation – Pioneering creative solutions to complex problems

These values foster a rewarding environment where employees are deeply committed to the firm and its success.

Diversity and inclusion

337 Frontier Capital embraces diversity across gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and professional background. Over 60% of vice presidents and above are diverse based on gender or ethnicity.

The firm actively recruits talent from non-target schools and trains the next generation of underrepresented investment professionals through internships and rotational programs.

Its Women’s Network and Multicultural Network organize professional development, mentorship and community outreach initiatives to promote inclusion.

Corporate social responsibility

337 Frontier Capital invented over $5 million last year in organizations supporting upward economic mobility. Its philanthropic fund provides grants to nonprofits focused on workforce development, entrepreneur mentorship and education in underserved communities.

Portfolio companies are encouraged to adopt sustainable practices related to energy, water usage, supply chains and waste management. The firm recently co-founded an ESG Director role to drive measurable impact improvements across its investments.

Looking Forward

Fundraising plans

337 Frontier Capital has an ambitious capital raising plan over the next three years encompassing:

Target fund size

  • Fund IX (Private Equity): $2 billion
  • Fund V (Credit Opportunities): $1.5 billion
  • Fund III (Real Estate): $1 billion

Expected timing

The fundraising process across these successor vehicles is scheduled to launch around:

  • 1Q 2024: Private Equity Fund IX
  • 2Q 2025: Credit Opportunities Fund V
  • 1Q 2026: Real Estate Fund III

Growth strategy

The leadership team has charted an expansion strategy to extend 337 Frontier Capital’s position as a top-quartile middle-market investment firm over the next decade.

Key strategic priorities include:

New business lines

  • Venture Capital – Early-stage technology and healthcare investing
  • Infrastructure – Core transport, energy and digital infrastructure

Geographical expansion

  • Europe – Establish presence beginning with U.K. and Germany
  • Asia – Partnerships with regional private equity firms

This multi-faceted strategy will diversify the firm’s offerings and provide limited partners with differentiated return streams.

Contact Information


100 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10012 United States

Phone numbers

P: +1 (212)-336-7350 F: +1 (212)-336-7351

Website and social media pages


LinkedIn: 337-Frontier-Capital
Twitter: @337FrontierCap

3M Company’s SWIFT Code Details


3M Company’s SWIFT code is MMMCUS44.

This code consists of:

  • Bank Code (MMMC): Specifies that payments are routed to 3M Company
  • Country Code (US): Indicates that 3M Company is located in the United States
  • Location Code (44): Pinpoints the exact 3M Company branch location
  • Branch Code: Not used in this SWIFT code

Associated Bank

The bank associated with this SWIFT code is 3M Company, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States.

Bank Address

The full bank address linked to this SWIFT code is:

3M Company
3M Center 224-5S-26
St. Paul, MN
United States

Now that you understand the purpose of 3M’s SWIFT code, let’s look at how you can use it to transfer money internationally.

Using 3M Company’s SWIFT Code

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Sending Money Internationally

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Receiving Money From Abroad

To receive money from overseas, you would need to provide the sender with 3M Company’s SWIFT code MMMCUS44 and your 3M bank account number. This allows them to directly route the money to your specific 3M Company account.

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Remember, 3M Company’s SWIFT code used to route international money transfers is MMMCUS44.

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Check that you’ve recorded the exact code MMMCUS44 and associated details covered in this article to avoid any payment issues.


  • SWIFT Code: MMMCUS44
  • Bank Name: 3M Company
  • Bank Location: St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

Using 3M’s SWIFT code with Wise facilitates cheaper and faster international money transfers 24/7.


Typical fund terms

  • Fund Life: 10 years + 2 optional 1-year extensions
  • Management Fee: 2% on committed capital
  • Carried Interest: 20% over an 8% preferred return

Minimum investment amounts

The minimum commitment size is $20 million for most limited partners.

Carried interest structure

Carried interest payments are made to the General Partner after returning all capital contributions and a preferred hurdle rate. This aligns the firm’s incentives with generating strong returns.

Management fee structure

Annual management fees charged to limited partners based on total commitments provides a stable income base to compensate investment teams and cover overhead costs.

Q1. What financial services does Frontier Capital LP offer?
A1. Frontier Capital LP offers investment management, lending, credit solutions, custody, trading and brokerage services to institutional clients.

Q2. Where is Wise available?

A2. Wise has an extensive global footprint and facilitates money transfers to over 80 countries currently.

Q3. Can I use FRCLUS31 if I want to transfer money to Frontier Capital LP accounts?

A3. It is best to contact Frontier Capital LP to get clarity on the correct SWIFT code to use given FRCLUS31’s inactive status.

Q4. Is Wise regulated for international transfers?
A4. Yes, Wise is a regulated payments institution in various jurisdictions it operates in for legal compliance.

Q5. How long do Wise transfers take?

A5. Most Wise transfers reach recipient accounts within 24 hours on business days, often faster than traditional wire services.

What is the AUM for Frontier Capital?

As of 2022, Frontier Capital has $2.5 billion in total assets under management including its recently closed $350 million 337 Frontier Capital LP fund.

How does Frontier source investment opportunities?

Frontier Capital leverages its specialized industry focus and extensive network of relationships developed over 20+ years to source proprietary deals meeting its specific strategy and return objectives.

Who are some of the limited partners invested in Frontier Capital’s funds?

The investor base funding Frontier Capital funds includes large pension funds, insurance companies, fund of funds, investment consultants, and endowments & foundations.

What ownership levels does Frontier Capital target in its investments?

Typical ownership targets range from 15% to 50%+ for Frontier Capital allowing the firm to secure minority or control equity positions generating target return levels.

How many investment professionals and total employees work at Frontier Capital?

*The Frontier Capital team is comprised of over 20 total employees including 13+ experienced investment professionals focused on deal execution and portfolio oversight.

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