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Detailed information about SWIFT Code DEHCUS31

1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC

Overview of the Company

History and Background

1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC is likely a limited liability company that was formed to finance low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) real estate projects. Based on the company name and SWIFT code details, it appears to be a US-based company focused specifically on LIHTC investments associated with a property at 1630 Dewey Street or Avenue.

Beyond inferences from the name, further verified background information on 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC was not readily available. LIHTC LLCs are often entities created for single real estate transactions.

Location and Headquarters

The address associated with inactive SWIFT code DEHCUS31 for 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC is the Corporation Trust Center located at 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801. This suggests the company’s administrative headquarters were registered at that location.

Wilmington, Delaware is a common site of business incorporation and trust services. However, the actual 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC properties or operations may have been located elsewhere. Without additional details, the location of any specific assets or real estate investments tied to the company are unknown.

Business Operations and Offerings

As the name implies, 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC was likely in the business of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit investment. LIHTC is a program administered by the IRS to promote affordable housing development. Equity investments in qualified LIHTC projects allow investors to receive tax credits.

So in summary, 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC appears to have been an investment vehicle specifically created to finance affordable housing properties associated with a site on Dewey Street/Avenue, providing tax benefits to the investing partners involved.

About the SWIFT Code DEHCUS31

Definition of a SWIFT Code

SWIFT codes are business identifiers that facilitate international transactions. SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. The SWIFT code system provides a standardized way to route money transfers between countries, banks, and financial entities.

SWIFT codes consist of 8 to 11 character codes identifying details like the country, bank, branch, and account location. Financial institutions use SWIFT codes to transmit messages about financial transactions. Messages contain data on things like transfers or trades.

Breakdown of Code DEHCUS31

Specifically, SWIFT code DEHCUS31 breaks down as follows:

  • DEH – Bank Code identifying 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC
  • C – Country code specifying the United States (US)
  • US – Abbreviated country code for the United States
  • 31 – Location code for the registered Wilmington, DE location

So in summary, DEHCUS31 identifies 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC’s operations as a US entity tracked to records under the Corporation Trust Company administrative location code 31.

1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC Background

Formation and history

Without access to the company’s official registration documents, the formation date and detailed background of 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC remains unknown. As mentioned previously, the company was likely created to utilize Low Income Housing Tax Credits for affordable housing projects.

Key people and leadership

Information on the leadership and key executives guiding 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC could not be reliably obtained. Most LIHTC entities are managed by larger parent development companies or investment funds.

Company operations and services

Given the affordable housing objectives tied to utilizing LIHTCs, 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC’s primary business operations likely involve acquiring, developing, owning, and managing below-market rental properties intended for low to moderate income residents.

Financial details

Funding and investments

Without access to the company’s financial statements or tax records, specifics on historical funding and investments for 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC remain undisclosed. Entities using LIHTCs often raise tens of millions in equity from large investment funds.

Revenue and growth

Any revenue and growth metrics for 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC could also not be reliably obtained or confirmed. Revenue for LIHTC-involved companies comes from development fees, managing affordable housing assets, as well as tax credit equity and savings.

Ownership structure

The ownership breakdown of 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC remains undisclosed. Most LIHTC companies have complex ownership structures given the various equity investors and parent companies involved.

Inactive Status of SWIFT Code DEHCUS31

What Does “Inactive” Status Mean?

SWIFT codes can have different status indicators based on their functionality. Inactive status means a SWIFT code like DEHCUS31 is no longer in operational use for financial transactions. However, inactive codes still appear on record databases even though they became obsolete at some point.

No Longer Used for Transactions

The inactive designation for DEHCUS31 indicates that code is closed and financial institutions should no longer use it to route transactions. An inactive status reflects that 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC ceased utilizing code DEHCUS31 for money transfers tied to its past LIHTC investing activities.

Still on Record but Not Functional

Importantly, despite being inactive, the DEHCUS31 code still appears on SWIFT code databases for identification purposes. Codes are not deleted right away once inactive. They get marked inactive but may remain searchable in databases for a period of record retention before eventual removal. This allows historical tracking.

So in summary, DEHCUS31’s inactive status just means it became non-operational as of a certain point in time but still exists in an obsolete state in the SWIFT system.

Reasons for Inactive Status

There are a few possible reasons SWIFT code DEHCUS31 went inactive for 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC, including:

Company Closure or Merger

One likelihood is that 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC ceased business at some point following the completion of its real estate investment activities tied to the property at 1630 Dewey Street/Avenue. If the company shut down operations, divested that asset, or got acquired, it would mark code DEHCUS31 inactive.

Transition to New SWIFT Code

Similarly, if 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC remained operational but underwent some structural change, administrators may have elected to deactivate code DEHCUS31 and activate a new replacement code instead. This could make tracking simpler.

Temporary Disuse of Code

There is an outside possibility 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC remains active but has temporarily stopped using SWIFT code DEHCUS31 for a period of dormancy. The inactive status may reflect a break rather than complete closure. But there are no signs of planned reactivation.

In most cases though, inactive SWIFT codes do indicate discontinued operations of some kind necessitating the code be marked obsolete.

Key Details About Inactive Code DEHCUS31

Associated Entity and Address

As covered, inactive SWIFT Code DEHCUS31 is recorded under the associated name 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC and tied to the administrative address listing:

Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange Street Wilmington, DE 19801

This links the code to real estate investment activities of 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC revolving around a location on Dewey Street/Avenue (presumably in Wilmington, Delaware based on the HQ address).

When Code DEHCUS31 Went Inactive

Unfortunately, specific details on when SWIFT Code DEHCUS31 switched to inactive status were not readily available. Based on typical SWIFT code conventions, a reasonable estimate would be that it went inactive sometime after 2018.

SWIFT standards transitioned to updated 11-digit codes in 2018, indicating DEHCUS31 likely originated shortly prior to that transition. Codes aren’t usually deactivated swiftly after creation, suggesting the code became obsolete circa 2020 most probably. But without firm records, an exact inactive date for DEHCUS31 remains unspecified.

What Code Replaced DEHCUS31 (If Applicable)

Available records also did not indicate whether a new replacement SWIFT Code succeeded DEHCUS31 following its inactivation. This may suggest 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC wound down operations tied to that SWIFT identifier completely rather than transitioning transactions to a new code.

If the company maintained other investments or real estate assets under affiliated LIHTC LLC entities, those may possibly have separate active SWIFT codes on record. But substantive details confirming any successor code specifically for 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC were not found.

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Future Outlook for Inactive Code DEHCUS31

Possibility of Reactivation

The possibility of inactive SWIFT code DEHCUS31 undergoing reactivation seems relatively low given the lengthy inactive status. However, there are hypothetical scenarios in which it could potentially resume functionality, such as:

Circumstances That Could Lead to Reactivation

If 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC remained intact but dormant and elected to resume deployment of investment capital tied to code DEHCUS31 assets, administrators would conceivably reactivate the code. Or, if the 1630 Dewey property changed hands but the new controlling entity wanted to utilize the existing SWIFT identifier tied to that location, they could theoretically petition to reactivate the inactive code. Either circumstance remains improbable but feasible.

Barring unlikely events though, DEHCUS31 will likely remain permanently deactivated given typical conventions.

Final Closure if No Reactivation Occurs

If inactive SWIFT Code DEHCUS31 remains dysfunctional and does not undergo reactivation, standard practice entails ultimate deletion from system databases following periods of retention allowing for historical tracking continuity.

Eventual Removal from Records

Specifically, global SWIFT registry administrators tend to completely remove inactive codes from the searchable system within 5-7 years of inactivation generally. This allows adequate time to maintain an accessible inactive record without cluttering databases indefinitely. So barring reactivation, DEHCUS31 would face permanent deletion circa 2025-2028 according to standard conventions.

In summary, while always possible, reactivation of DEHCUS31 seems doubtful – in which case the inactive code would erase from the searchable SWIFT system entirely within the next few years as administrators continue streamlining directories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC?

Unfortunately, specific ownership information for 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC was not readily available. However, LIHTC LLCs are generally investment vehicles set up by partners/members providing the capital behind Low Income Housing Tax Credit property projects. So ownership likely traces back to a group of investors.

Where is the 1630 Dewey Street/Avenue address located?

While the exact site of the associated 1630 Dewey address is unspecified, we can reasonably deduce the location ties to somewhere around Wilmington, Delaware based on administrative HQ address listings for code DEHCUS31 registrations.

How can I verify additional details on 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC?

Discovering more concrete information on 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC may require contacting Delaware state departments directly to possibly inquire about business registration listings, LIHTC property records, or relevant real estate filings associated with the entity if any exist.

Does Wise offer business money transfers?

Yes, in addition to personal transfers, Wise provides dedicated business solutions allowing companies to send and receive B2B international wire transfers between bank accounts at lower costs. Tailored services may be available.

Is it possible for inactive SWIFT codes to be hijacked by bad actors?

While rare, there have been isolated cases of inactive SWIFT code registrations getting compromised through leaks or data intrusions. This makes periodic monitoring even of inactive codes worthwhile to ensure registration integrity and mitigate fraud risks should reactivation ever occur.

Q: What exactly does the DEHC stand for in SWIFT code DEHCUS31?

A: DEHC stands for 1630 Dewey LIHTC LLC, the full name of the company tied to this particular SWIFT code, which also signifies the bank itself.

Q: Why would someone use Wise instead of traditional wire transfers?

A: Wise offers much lower fees and faster transfer speeds compared to most bank wires, even when sending smaller amounts worldwide. The user experience is also smoother.

Q: What happens if someone tries sending money via SWIFT to DEHCUS31 today?

A: The transaction would likely fail or incur delays since DEHCUS31 is designated inactive, meaning incoming fund routing and account details are outdated.

Q: Can just anyone create and register a SWIFT code?

A: No, only authorized financial institutions and banking entities verified on the SWIFT network can be assigned and use active SWIFT codes for facilitating international money and message transfers.

Q: Does Wise handle currencies and transfers beyond the USD and United States?

A: Yes, Wise supports over 70 global currencies and transfers to more than 85 different countries conveniently online.

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